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Living Off the Grid and Coffee Alternatives

In which we offer two different ways to recharge your batteries

We start this episode talking about living off the grid using solar, wind, batteries and a generator with Canada’s handyman and Harrowsmith contributor, Steve Maxwell. Then, on a lighter note, but with no less energy, I speak with Signe Langford, Harrowsmith’s food editor about alternatives to hot chocolate on cold winter evenings, on the grid, or off. 

You can learn more about Steve Maxwell at https://baileylineroad.com/

Signe Langford’s writings can be found at https://www.signelangford.com

End Notes
Want more Harrowsmith? No problem. Visit our website. And, you can read Vanessa’s story on ticks in the Spring issue of Harrowsmith Magazine. It’s on selected newsstands across Canada or you can order subscriptions online at harrowsmithmag.com.

By the way, the music in the podcast? It’s by good ol’ Canadian singer, composer and friend of the ‘cast,  David Archibald. You can find more of his music at his website, davidarchibald.com.

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