This Old Smart House and Banana Peel Bread

This Old Smart House and Banana Peel Bread

How Amber turned a 140-year-old Charlottetown house into an eco-friendly smarthome showcase.

The Rundown

In this episode, I chat with pioneering tech consultant, keynote speaker, and proud PEIer, Amber MacArthur, AmberMac to her friends. I talk to her about how she turned a 140-year-old Charlottetown house into an eco-friendly smarthome showcase. A showcase sporting 38 lightbulbs you can talk to. Next up, former food stylist and chef Christine Tizzard explains how to shop, cook and dine with zero-waste. Is there a banana peel bread in your future? So, smart appliances and smart eating all in one episode.

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The 140-year-old Smart Home – Amber MacArthur

Amber MacArthur has been helping Canadians and corporations understand technology and social media for decades now. But, she grew up in a decidedly untechy PEI. She’s living in Toronto now, but in 2019 she and her partner videographer Chris Dyck decided to buy a 140-year-old home in the heart of Charlottetown and go to town on a renovation. They also used their connections and social media cache to bring companies like Home Depot, LG, and Google along for the ride. The result? A renovated home with smart TVs, washers, driers, lights, sensors, and outdoor security cameras. Sort of like Tony Stark’s vacation home if he was into Anne Shirley. I had a chance to talk with Amber about that reno and what she learned by doing it. You find more about AmberMac here.

Zero Waste with Christine Tizzard

Now, it’s time for a short conversation about living responsibly on our planet, brought to you by Oroweat Organic Bread. Great Taste that’s Sustainably Baked. As a food stylist and chef, Christine Tizzard has seen her share of food waste. These days she’s doing something about it. Tizzard recently wrote  Cook More, Waste Less. It’s a terrific guide to buying, cooking, menu planning, and storing food in sustainable ways. You can find her blog here.

End Notes

By the way, the music in the podcast? It’s by good ol’ Canadian singer, composer and friend of the ‘cast, David Archibald. You can find more of his music at his website,

Wayne MacPhail
Wayne MacPhail

Wayne is a digital strategist with extensive experience in traditional, online and communication strategy development. He has assisted clients like Random House (where he helped establish digital outreach programs), the Association of Science and Technology Centers, McMaster Family Medicine,, University of Toronto, Engineering reimagine their communications strategies for an emerging media landscape and new audiences. Wayne brings three decades of rich media content creation, a background in journalism and the ability to creatively understand brand and messaging and create new platforms and opportunities for Moongate’s clients. He has taught and developed online content creation and communications for a variety of colleges and universities in Ontario.

Posted on Wednesday, March 23rd, 2022
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