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St. Lawrence Cruise Lines
Highway of Heroes Tree Campaign
Home & Design

Timber Man

Ottawa timber framer keeps ancient craft alive

Gardening » Vegetable Gardening

A Mid-Winter Dream: Garden Planning under Three Feet of Snow

It’s the dead of winter, and Danielle French is thinking about soil, seeds and barbecues.


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The Food Lover’s Garden Growing

Cooking, and Eating Well

Eat Better for Less

How to build, use and enjoy your own home root cellar

Lavender: a little patch of heaven

What’s the Best Hardy Lavender to Grow from Seeds? Best of the Harrowsmith Garden Trials.

Home & Design

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Build Your Cabin

Seven key construction lessons learned over 30 years

Self-Directed Home Schooling

How it worked for us.

Back from the Brink; Breathing New Life into a Farm in Decline

In 2006, Danielle French and her ex-husband bought the dream of country life complete with a crumbling barn, missing floorboards, and too many pigeons to count. The marriage didn’t survive, but along came a cowboy. Together they restored the farm and the dream.

Travel & Culture

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Sarah Harmer’s Tour of Elginburg, Ontario

The youngest of six children, folk-popstar/activist Sarah Harmer grew up in the farming life near Burlington, in southern Ontario.

Cooking with Kids

Cooking is always full of energy and when the chefs are the youth of the community,

Keep the Home Fires Burning

Giving Hope to the Hardship of an Ontario Winter


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Cynthia’s Breakfast Casserole

Fresh fruit is a must as a side!

Lost and Found

Squash and Cranberry Muffins

Lost and Found Recipe

Winter Solstice Chicken Pie


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Treats for the Tweets

What’s a bird’s equivalent of chocolate cheesecake?

A Tree for Every Hero – Highway of Heroes Tribute

We are planting 117,000 trees – one tree for each of Canada’s war dead since Confederation. A living, breathing memorial.

Ducks Unlimited Canada Episode 7 – How to Freeze a Frog and Cook a Goose

In the hard, frozen surface of winter wetlands it looks like all is calm, all is bright.