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Trade Secrets from Langdon Hall’s Pastry Chef, Rachel Nicholson

Chef Nicholson Shares Her Holiday Biscotti Recipe with Harrowsmith!

St. Lawrence Cruise Lines
Harrowsmith Cookie Contest
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Candy Cane Peppermint Biscotti recipe

Biscotti are conversation starters, meant to be savored crunch by crunch, and not inhaled like softer cookies often are. 


How Does Your Cookie Crumble?

Five Foodies Share Their Holiday Cookie Secrets


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Lavender: a little patch of heaven

What’s the Best Hardy Lavender to Grow from Seeds? Best of the Harrowsmith Garden Trials.

Mark Cullen’s Gardener’s Checklist for Fall

Mark Cullen lets us know what to do once that cold wind starts blowing in.

Small Farms

We need to move away from mass production, and there’s zero doubt in my mind we are heading that way.

Home & Design

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Ten 150-Year Old Household Tips That Still Work

They’re natural, effective, non-caustic and practically free. No wonder old-fashioned cleaning tips are back in a big way.

Home, Sweet (Log) Home is FOR SALE

Capture a unique opportunity to own a piece of Canadian History.

Gather Round – DIY Wreath

Welcome the season with a homemade wreath inspired by treasures found

Travel & Culture

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Get happy!

A simpler, more sustainable life may also be the secret to happiness

Lighthouse Diaries

Ocean rescues, whale spotting and bocce on the helipad—it’s all just another glorious summer day in the life of this B.C. lighthouse keeper

Country guy

Former Harrowsmith columnist Dan Needles talks to us about country living and his new book, True Confessions from the Ninth Concession: The Harrowsmith Years


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Beer and Holiday Foods—A Perfect Pairing

Ryan Barath, brewmaster at Collective Arts Brewing, on matching beers and cheeses

Vegan Walnut Cheeze

The Art of Plant-Based Cheesemaking

Christmas Baking at Dundurn Castle

Janet Kronick, the historic kitchen coordinator at Dundurn Castle, Hamilton, whips up a wonderful moulded shortbread.


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Ya Gotta Love Garlic

Think your planting is done by late spring? Try sowing some garlic this fall for a pungent, oh so tasty crop next summer.

Chewing up the Scenery

Many seemingly innocent plants are a real hazard if eaten. All gardeners with pets (not to mention young children or visiting grandkids) should poison-proof their gardens

The future of farming

With its soilless, ecosystemic approach, aquaponics is certainly looking like the way forward