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Small Ponds featuring Amber Holland

Some people strive on busy and having things going on around them. I prefer to have the peace and quiet, and time to reflect.

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What on Earth Will You Do on April 22nd?

Your Guide to Celebrating Earth Day With All Your Senses!

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Cynthia Beretta’s Gourmet BTL Sandwich

In honour of April being National BLT Month, we’d like to share a story on behalf of Beretta Farms that we think would be of interest to your readers. It’s no secret bacon is one of North America’s most beloved proteins. The wafting smell of bacon crackling in the morning and the salty, indulgent first […]

Travel & Culture » Canada

Small Ponds features Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne

Kenny was already a child prodigy at eight!


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Who Let The #$%@ Dogs Out?

How to pet-proof your garden.

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A Mid-Winter Dream: Garden Planning under Three Feet of Snow

It’s the dead of winter, and Danielle French is thinking about soil, seeds and barbecues.

Home & Design

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Manual Labour a Great Teacher for Kids

Childhood should involve getting dirty, tired and entrepreneurial.

What Lies Beneath…and a Wreath

Digging out from an Ontario Winter, Danielle French discovers treasure, trash, and a little inspiration for her front door.

Frost Seeding

Why Winter Planting Works

Travel & Culture

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Toronto Botanical Gardens’ 2018 Blossom Party

A hotly anticipated green-carpet affair in Toronto

Peach walls

A reflection of life on Wolfe Island

A Babe in the Wood Pile; Learning to stack wood at the school of hard knocks.

Each spring, along with the arrival of birds and buds, come piles and piles of firewood, and Danielle French has to stack it just so – or else.


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Gnocchi di Ricotta Della Nonna with Mussels and Shrimps and Mentuccia

Buon appetito

Lost & Found Recipe – Sweet Potato & Corn Bisque

Creamy delicious and spiced just right, this is a hearty soup perfect for autumn.  This recipe will serve 6 as a main course or 8 as an appetizer.

Lost & Found – Basic Pancake Mix

Another happy customer who can make her favourite pancakes again.


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Wingtips at our fingertips

Tracking birds more in-depth than ever before, researchers gain valuable insights that may lead to increased conservation efforts.

Star Struck!

There Was a Mistake in the Cosmos!

Ducks Unlimited Canada Episode 8 – The Zen of Wildlife Photography

We're all about wetlands. Jump in.


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