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Skating Rink – ’Tis the Season

Michael Buma parses the mystery, the allure and the joys of that all-Canadian pastime—skating on the backyard rink.

Home & Design

Three Key Basement Finishing Facts

Get these right and your basement will be warmer & healthier


Harrowsmith Gen XYZ – Emma’s Edible Yard – The Three Cherokee Tomatoes

A colourful family of tomatoes that started with unnamed seeds in the mail


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One of a Kind Hydroponic Greenhouses

Jane Squier grows hydroponic lettuce and basil for sale from her 6,000-square-foot greenhouse on Salt Spring Island. She does this with renewable resources, as efficiently and sustainably as possible. Here is her story.

Harrowsmith Jr. – This White Tomato is the Icing on the Cake

White Wonder Tomato xxx

Harrowsmith Jr. – Pumpkin-Shaped Rumi Banjan Tomato

This marbled-flesh tomato was a surprise that I found at a seed swap

Home & Design

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A Cut Above the Rest

Your guide to fast, accurate and sharp electric saw chain sharpeners.

The Hudson’s Bay Company Blanket

The Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) point blanket has been such a fixture in Canadian homes,

How Do You Stack Up?

An introduction to Scandinavian wood piling.

Travel & Culture

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The Curious Flight Path of a Dragonfly

To leave an era is to experience nostalgia, perhaps even regret. To leave a physical place of heart can be gut wrenching.

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Where the Stars Align in Canada

Our guide to the 10 best planetariums, dark-sky festivals and Urban Star Parks in the country.


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Egg Drop Soup with Cabbage and Turnip

A unique soup that's also easy to prepare.

Chicken Pot Pie Soup

Turn chicken dinner leftovers into soup gold with this delicious recipe.

Wake-Me-Up Banana Bread Warms Up Winter Morning

Our writer assumed she was in possession of deeply guarded family recipe.


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Spotted! Animal Tracks

Wondering what you’re looking at? We reveal what’s behind those animal tracks in the snow.

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The Christmas Shrew

The morning of the blizzard was the first time we saw the shrew. My fifteen year old son was in the living room admiring the warmth of our much needed masonry heater when a very fat toy like creature bounced and zoomed through the room.

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