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Back Road Trolling

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It Will Be Spring When It Is Spring

The winter was especially long — deeply cold days with lots of wind and interjections of ice and snow. It’s only once we think the bad weather has passed that we begin again, stacking wood, planting, trimming, and cleaning the layers of dust that have accumulated in all the nooks and crannies. This year we […]

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Rachel Nicholson’s Bruce County Flatbread and Big Bay Paneer

Langdon Hall’s Pastry Chef Shares Her Cottage Opening Weekend Menu

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The Opportunity of a Lifetime

Why Canada must do more to protect nature


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Tomatoes as Catalysts for Change

Keeping communities plum, from Lanark County to Iceland.

Hot Dogs and Cool Cats!

The Winners of our Spring 2018 Pet Photo Contest

Guilt-free drinking

Get the inside scoop on the solar, off-grid, repurposed and vegan wineries of Ontario.

Home & Design

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Is the future of solar finally starting to brighten?

Lower equipment costs and innovative new projects are starting to make headway into the mainstream energy mix.

Manual Labour a Great Teacher for Kids

Childhood should involve getting dirty, tired and entrepreneurial.

What Lies Beneath…and a Wreath

Digging out from an Ontario Winter, Danielle French discovers treasure, trash, and a little inspiration for her front door.

Travel & Culture

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That Other Mother’s Day; Celebrating Earth Day at South Pond Farms

True, every day is Earth Day at South Pond Farms, but on April 22nd, Danielle French and the crew pause to honour, reflect, and revel in their precious little corner of Mother Earth.

Small Ponds featuring Amber Holland

Some people strive on busy and having things going on around them. I prefer to have the peace and quiet, and time to reflect.

What on Earth Will You Do on April 22nd?

Your Guide to Celebrating Earth Day With All Your Senses!


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Lost and Found Recipe Grilled Salmon with Honey Mustard Sauce Served With Quinoa Salad

Here's the catch of the day!

Shelf Life: A Harrowsmith Cookbook Chronicle

The Story Behind the Covers

Raspberry-Rose Gin Flip

Makes 2 cocktails.


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Wingtips at our fingertips

Tracking birds more in-depth than ever before, researchers gain valuable insights that may lead to increased conservation efforts.

Star Struck!

There Was a Mistake in the Cosmos!

Who Let The #$%@ Dogs Out?

How to pet-proof your garden.

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