Gardening » Vegetable Gardening

Heirlooms, Heritage and Harvest

Dundurn Castle’s secret kitchen garden.

Food » Recipes

Minzano® Braised Short Ribs

Warm up with this flavorful dish served over polenta. Serves 4

Home & Design » DIY Video

DECK STAINS: How I’ve Tested Them Since 1990

Deck finishes are getting better, and testing over time gives the final proof. Watch and see how I do it.

Gardening » Flower & Landscape

The best big bloomers for your garden

Your guide to big blossoms and bang for your buck.


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How to Make Rock and Concrete Geode Orb Planters

I first dreamed up my concrete geodes over a year ago. ‘Funny how I now stumble upon so many copies on the ‘net

The Human Connection to Gardens: Botanical Gardens

We are a husband-and-wife team who recently built botanical gardens in South Eastern Ontario, and are now officially Canada’s Newest Botanical Garden

Dispatches from a Japanese Garden. A Legume that’s Good for Body, Brain and Soil!

Not traditional in the Japanese garden, this Canadian ex-pats is nuts for them

Home & Design

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Pounding Tin

How our former editor became a heavy metal fan.

THICKNESS PLANER TRICK: A Simple, Powerful Woodworking Tip

Thickness planers don't just make wood smooth, they also make multiple parts very consistent. Watch and see how this applies to the job of making batches of wood strips.

Pivotal Moments from Danielle French at South Pond Farms

There are some moments that play an important milestone in the life of South Pond Farms

Travel & Culture

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Book review: Vancouver’s Street Farms

Michael Ableman’s ambitious urban agriculture project is germinating seeds and hope.

Harrowsmith Mag Summer 2019 for Subscribers Only!

Only available for Subscribers before May 19th

PEI Burger Love: 84 Beefy Reasons to Come Out of Hibernation

Here are 84 tempting reasons to come out of hibernation


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5 Books to Get You Schooled on the Fish Situation

Sorry folks, gone are the days of shopping with one’s eyes closed – especially at the fish counter.

Farm Gardens at South Pond Farms with Danielle French

I’m learning every year to remember that important concept and being patient and understanding the native soil is my first step in having a successful garden.

Canadian Ceviche; while it may be light, it’s heavy on flavour

If you are interested in learning more about the students’ culinary journey to Peru, check out this video


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Feel-Good Coffees

Your guide to choosing an environmentally responsible cup of coffee.

The Urquhart Butterfly Garden

A fabulous organic garden in Dundas, Ontario started by Joanna Chapman who owned a local bookstore.

BUILDING WITH STONE – How to Build Arches With Natural Stone

Watch stonemason Steve Maxwell teach a detailed lesson on how he turns raw stone into precise arch stones using hand tools and hand-held power tools.

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