Urban Gardening in Toronto & The Hazelnut Waiting Game

An Urban Gardening Doc and the Nutella Waiting Game

Urban Gardening in Toronto in a new documentary In My Backyard & learn more about hazelnuts.

Show Notes

In this episode we discover the incredible variety of folks, produce, places, and methods involved in urban gardening in Toronto in a new documentary by Jamie Day Fleck called In My Backyard. Next up, a decades-long waiting game played with hazelnuts, farmers, and science.

In My Backyard

Jamie Day Fleck is a documentary filmmaker and an avid backyard (and soon front yard garden). Her passion for gardening, a well-timed pregnancy, and her film-making chops lead her to make a fascinating documentary about other folks, like her in Toronto who grew plants, well, just about anywhere they could find space. The documentary is called In My Backyard. You can learn more about it at https://www.fleckpro.com 

I spoke with Jamie about her film and the importance of urban gardening for the soul and the planet. Here’s our conversation.

The Nutella Waiting Game

GrimoNut Nurseries https://www.grimonut.com/ pioneered growing nut trees in Ontario almost 50 years ago. One of the species they produce is the hazel tree. I spoke with Linda Grimo, the farm manager about a fascinating story of foresight and patience. It all has to do with hazelnuts and Nutella. Here’s our conversation.

End Notes

Want more Harrowsmith? No problem. Visit our website. Or you can check out Harrowsmith Magazine on selected newsstands across Canada or you can order subscriptions online at harrowsmithmag.com. By the way, the music in the podcast? It’s by good ol’ Canadian singer, composer, and friend of the ‘cast, David Archibald. You can find more of his music at his website, davidarchibald.com.

Wayne MacPhail
Wayne MacPhail

Wayne is a digital strategist with extensive experience in traditional, online and communication strategy development. He has assisted clients like Random House (where he helped establish digital outreach programs), the Association of Science and Technology Centers, McMaster Family Medicine, rabble.ca, University of Toronto, Engineering reimagine their communications strategies for an emerging media landscape and new audiences. Wayne brings three decades of rich media content creation, a background in journalism and the ability to creatively understand brand and messaging and create new platforms and opportunities for Moongate’s clients. He has taught and developed online content creation and communications for a variety of colleges and universities in Ontario.


Posted on Wednesday, February 16th, 2022
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