Eat to Your Heart’s Content at Some of Canada’s Most Romantic Spots 2

Eat to Your Heart’s Content at Some of Canada’s Most Romantic Spots

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers. I really believe that! If you’re single, go out with a friend

If you’re a parent, take your kid out for a fancy meal. When I was a little girl, my father would take me out to an old school Italian joint around the corner from his photography studio in Montreal. He even let me have my first drink there – I was 11 or so, and it was a brown cow. I nearly got a second one too, but the waiter didn’t move fast enough to get away with my order, and Father cut me off. Still, best. Time. Ever.

Auberge Du Pommier Toronto

Sure, Valentine’s Day can be hard on those of us who are single, or worse still, freshly out of love, but romance doesn’t just have to mean, you know, romance, it can also mean love, in any of its myriad forms, pure and simple.

Avenue Regina

OpenTable – an online restaurant reservation service – has compiled a list of Canada’s 100 Most Romantic Restaurants as chosen by more than 500,000 OpenTable diners for more than 2,500 restaurants. The 100 Most Romantic list features restaurants from 50 cities across nine provinces. Ontario tops the list with 39, followed by Alberta (21), British Columbia (14) and Quebec (13). Rounding out the list are restaurants from Manitoba (6), Saskatchewan (3), Nova Scotia (2), Newfoundland (1) and New Brunswick (1). For the second year in a row, Niagara Region comes in on top with 11 super-romantic restaurants.”

Bonaparte Montreal

“There are 29 restaurants new to the list, determined by OpenTable diners to deserve a position among Canada’s most romantic. Newcomers include The Restaurant at Pearl Morissette in the country’s romance capital Niagara-on-the-Lake, the rustic and cozy Oz Kafe in Ottawa’s Byward Market, The Salmon House overlooking downtown Vancouver and Banff’s Sky Bistro with breathtaking views of the Canadian Rockies.”

Seasons In The Park Vancouver

To see the whole list of 100 visit:

Press-Gang Halifax

Take a look at these spots from the East Coast to the West.

Signe Langford

Signe Langford

From Hudson, Quebec, now living in Port Hope, Ontario, Signe is a restaurant chef-turned-writer who tells award-winning stories and creates delicious recipes for LCBO’s Food & Drink, Manna Pro Hearty Homestead, The Harvest Commission, and Today’s Parent; she published her first book – Happy Hens & Fresh Eggs; Keeping Chickens in the Kitchen Garden with 100 Recipes – in 2015.

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