Harrowsmith Almanac 2019

Harrowsmith Almanac 2019

Fall in love with Harrowsmith’s 2019 Almanac… This edition is full of nostalgia! Have you ever wondered about the history of the annual Milk calendar? Every responsible cook has a coveted Milk recipe in their files thanks to the Dairy Farmers of Canada. We’re thrilled to share a nutty berry French toast recipe from the […]

Fall in love with Harrowsmith’s 2019 Almanac

This edition is full of nostalgia! Have you ever wondered about the history of the annual Milk calendar? Every responsible cook has a coveted Milk recipe in their files thanks to the Dairy Farmers of Canada. We’re thrilled to share a nutty berry French toast recipe from the calendar that will knock the wool socks off your company!

Curious about the story behind the iconic Hudson’s Bay blanket? You’ll find all sorts of neat facts about its beginning and what those coloured stripes mean. No one will be able to pull the wool over your eyes after reading this one!

We’re celebrating a few anniversaries too. 2019 is the 50th anniversary of man landing on the moon. Ground control to Major Tom, we have pulled together a list of the top 10 places to get starry-eyed in Canada from planetariums to urban star parks to dark sky preserves. This issue also marks our 40th annual seed guide, the blueprint you need for plotting your blooms and bumper crop bounty for the coming year. It’s the 35th anniversary of the emergency landing of Air Canada Flight 143 (dubbed the Gimli Glider) too. The plane ran out of fuel on July 23, 1983 at an altitude of 12,500 metres and safely touched down. We take you to the Gimli Glider Museum in Manitoba for the full story.

For the DIY set, our Home and Property Editor, Steve Maxwell, preps chainsaw owners with a practical guide to electric saw chain sharpeners and how to stack wood in a clever round-pile style with Scandinavian roots.

Speaking of roots, we’ll help you get back to them! Our food editors tackled the theme of ‘the root of the matter’ with a contemporary take on sheet pan bubble and squeak, colourful slaw, celeriac soup, quick and spicy pickled carrots and a knock-out sweet potato cake.

Our reliable gardening duo, Mark and Ben Cullen, offer tips for growing root vegetables and visit the cabbage patch (and cabbage’s cute cousin, the brussel sprout!) And, just to sweeten the deal—learn how to grow apricots in a cold climate, with field notes from Alberta grower, Barbori Garnet. Rest assured, our resident weather expert Mark Sirois will ensure you know what to expect for apricots and cabbage patches with his 2019 forecast for every region in Canada.

Here are five more things to look forward to:

  1. How a community garden in Edmonton is supporting the dreams of women in Rwanda.
  2. A cup of coffee with two locals in Selkirk, Ontario who share their hometown bragging rights.
  3. What it’s like to live off grid in Nova Scotia thanks to ‘negawatts’ and ‘negabucks’.
  4. How two yoga goats found their way to Caberneigh Farm in Uxbridge, ON.
  5. The historic re-introduction of bison to Banff’s National Park.

And that’s just the beginning. Our contributors explore water dowsing, the art of buying a pick-up truck, the wind turbine controversy in Prince Edward County and so much more. Don’t be left behind.

Editor-in-chief Jules Torti says, “Harrowsmith is a unique publication in that its staff, contributors and readers are inseparable. Everyone is a field expert in some tiny (or huge) department and our social media community loves to share their intel, recipe hacks and photo albums of happy, wet dogs and successful strawberry patches, just as a tight friend circle would. Whether someone visits our website, Facebook page or extends their recent copy to a bored barista, our stories belong to each other. We are united despite geography. Residents of cities and rural areas all across Canada have an engaging place to interact, thanks to Harrowsmith.”

Harrowsmith is the only publication of its kind that can honestly dub itself “Made in Canada.” We are 100% Canadiana. In fact, if you open the magazine and inhale really deeply, you can actually smell maple syrup. Maybe a buttermilk pancake. Harrowsmith is produced four times a year with three print issues (spring, fall, winter—also available in digital), and a summer digital-exclusive edition.

MEDIA INTERVIEWS: Publisher Yolanda Thornton, Editor-in-chief Jules Torti, Home and Property Editor Steve Maxwell and Gardening Editors Mark and Ben Cullen are available now for media interviews. We can also provide additional copies to give away as prizes to your readers or listeners.

Yolanda Thornton Publisher yolanda@moongate.ca

Jules Torti Editor jules@moongate.ca

Mark and Ben Cullen Gardening Editors bhensley@markschoice.com

Steve Maxwell steve@stevemaxwell.ca

MEDIA IMAGES: Hi-res and lo-res images of HARROWSMITH’s latest cover are available for download from our website.

PLEASE SHARE YOUR REVIEW: We would appreciate receiving a copy of your review or interview for our files, or at least a heads-up so we can link to it online and post on our social media accounts. Thanks!

The Harrowsmith Team

The Harrowsmith Team

Harrowsmith is the farm-to-condo go-to for living sustainably and simply. Our mission is to offer a down-to-earth Canadian perspective on topics of gardening, home and design, travel and culture, food, health, wellness and the environment.

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