Introducing Harrowsmith’s Newest Lost and Found Recipe Ranger

Leaving no stone unturned

Harrowsmith alumni, wool enthusiast and devout Fall Almanac Small Ponds Gatherer, Madeleine Hague, has just leaked vital information. She holds the equivalent of the golden ticket from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. In addition to tracking down the most intriguing Canadians for our annual Small Ponds feature, Madeleine is willing to assume the role of part-time recipe hunter and gatherer. She has an index for all Harrowsmith content and those beloved recipes from 1997-2011 (with a few MIA issues). Her ambitious indexing project was intended to be one big document but, as you can imagine, with so many topics, this Harrowsmith encyclopedia would have collapsed the floor of her house. Instead, she has smartly catalogued content into these neat categories below.

In the Harrowsmith spirit of goodwill, discussion and grassroots sharing, Madeleine is joining the ranks as a back issue Lost and Found ranger on patrol. You can reach out to Madeleine directly at [email protected]

Index Categories:

  • Christmas (includes recipes)
  • Contests
  • Country Life
  • DIY/Crafting
  • Enviro-content
  • Garden Trials (Bridget Wayland’s garden trial reports)
  • General (see below)
  • Homes/Home Improvements
  • Mega-Stories (14-page in-depth features – various topics)
  • Recipes & Food

FYI, here’s what’s in the General Index.

General includes:

  • Acreage/Farm Use:
    Alt Energy/Energy Stories:
  • Antiques:
  • Astronomy:
  • Birds:
  • Critters/Farm Animals:
  • Health/Safety:
  • Machinery & Tools:
  • People:
  • Pets
  • Small Towns:
  • Travel & Leisure
  • Vehicles
  • Water (Wells, Supply, etc.):
  • Weather/Seasons:
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