HOH Tribute

A Tree for Every Hero – Highway of Heroes Tribute

To honour Canada’s fallen by planting 117,000 trees

Our gardening editor, Mark Cullen, has his hands in many things–including a monumental tribute to Canada’s soldiers. His ambitious “Tree For Every Hero” was designed to commemorate fallen Canadian Armed Forces members whose final journey is along the Highway of Heroes from CFB Trenton to the Coroner’s Office in Toronto. The mission is to plant 117,000 trees along this 170km stretch of highway to honour each of Canada’s war dead. To learn more about how you can become involved in the historic tree campaign, visit this link…www.hohtribute.ca

Every Canadian can be a part of this historic tribute. Look at the names on the cenotaph in YOUR community. Help us to honour those from YOUR community and ensure their spirit lives on in a living tribute!!

These coins are special collectable keepsakes provided to donors of $150 or more. More information on this program can be found here: https://hohtribute.ca/challenge-coin-donations/

When is a tree more than just a tree? The answer is when the tree is part of a memorial to honour Canada’s fallen heroes. The mission of the Highway of Heroes Living Tribute is simple: To honour Canada’s fallen by planting 117,000 trees, one for every fallen Canadian Soldier since Confederation, along and near the Highway of Heroes between Trenton and Toronto.

To learn more about this very important cause visit this link… www.hohtribute.ca

Mark & Ben Cullen

Mark & Ben Cullen

Mark Cullen is an expert gardener, author, broadcaster and tree advocate
and holds the Order of Canada. His son, Ben, is a fourth-generation
urban gardener and a graduate of the University of Guelph and Dalhousie
University in Halifax. Follow them at markcullen.com, @MarkCullen4
(Twitter) and @markcullengardening (Facebook) and look for their latest book, Escape to Reality.

Follow them at markcullen.com, @MarkCullen4, facebook.com/markcullengardening and biweekly on Global TV’s national morning show, The Morning Show.


Posted on Friday, November 10th, 2023
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