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The Hive Mind of Anthony Pasto

Anthony Pasto considers himself just a sales and marketing guy. In a former life Pasto ran a ball hockey league with a 100 staff members. These days his colleagues, almost all female, number in the millions – working away in 100 hives scattered across Southern Ontario. Pasto is a beekeeper and the owner of Happy Bees Apiary. […]


Honey? We Shrink the Nonsense

There is a story floating around social media that claims that 75 per cent of honey sold in stores is not actually honey. The story states that honey which contains no trace of bee pollen cannot be called honey. The problem is, the article is wrong A lack of pollen has no impact on whether or not […]

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Boiling the Bees

The plan was simple: Sneak into the house and boil a large kettle of water. Haul the kettle over to the Bow Club and dump it inside the wall, and the bees would be scalded to death in a matter of seconds. Simple, effective, low cost, and, we believed, possible.