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Things We Love

Honda TRX500 Foreman

Honda’s new TRX500 Foreman offers reduced vibration, quiet operation, a quick start and powerful output, fuel efficiency for extended range and excellent drivability and towing capacity. The ATV promises to tackle any terrain, and includes 3 drive modes: 2WD, 4WD and 4WD with locked differential to optimize traction. There’s also a Speed Override mode that can be engaged when the front differential is locked, to allow increased wheel speed under severe conditions, such as deep mud. Protective bodywork protects against damage from rocks, sticks and other obstacles, while a one-piece tank/side cover allows for easy access for maintenance. A whole lot of functionality packaged up in one nice-looking ride.

Off! PowerPad Mosquito Lamp

Off PowerPad Mosquito LampNobody knows how to ruin a party as much as mosquitoes do, and yet they’re ubiquitous come the outdoor entertaining season. Don’t let them get you down at your next barbecue/camping trip/outdoor gathering. This handsome outdoor lamp kills mosquitoes around an average size patio for up to 4.5 metres. A heated pad releases insecticide that effectively kills mosquitoes for up to four hours, so you and your guests can an enjoy an evening al fresco, without nuisance party crashers who bite.

Paddle Love

It was love at first sight when we spotted these Norquay Artisan Painted Paddles in Summer Sky at Tuck Shop Trading Co. Inspired by the canoeist lifestyle and our Northern heritage, each paddle is made from solid cherry wood sourced from Northern Ontario and is crafted and finished by hand in Toronto. We love the elegant design and vintage feel, perfect for an idyllic weekend, or week, at the cottage.

Lee Valley Pruning Saw & Scabbard

An excellent all-purpose pruning saw, this 10″ long blade from Lee Valley is useful for cutting branches up to 5″ in diameter, and cuts on the pull stroke for extra control. The diamond-sharpened teeth cut quickly and cleanly, leaving a smooth stub that minimizes disease risk. The handle has a comfortable grip and the scabbard can be worn left or right handed. Good for both green and dry wood, it’s practical for use in orchards as well as general landscaping.

BBLUV Süni Tent

BBLUV Süni TentHave it made in the shade with the Süni Anti-UV Sun & Play Tent, which provides little ’uns with cover and UV protection when coverage is few and far between. The pop-up system makes folding and unfolding easy, and it comes with a carry bag and roll down curtain for extra sun (UVA and UVB) protection, as well as from sand and wind. Great for the beach, park and just about any outdoor adventure.

TuffBoxx Storage Bins

Made in Princeton, Ontario, TuffBoxx is a line of animal-resistant storage bins designed to keep out the most determined of creatures. The Grizzly, the most popular model, is large enough to hold 6 garbage bags and features galvanized steel construction. A top loading lid offers secure storage that keeps bears and other wildlife out. Add Bear Guard brackets and it can even prevent grizzlies from grabbing and bending the lids. All TuffBoxx containers are made in a ready to assemble design and can be shipped unassembled in boxes or assembled on a pallet. 51”Wx33”Hx27”D