The Best Fall Fair Food Recipes

Decadent tastes of fall to enjoy all year long with these make-at-home recipes

These famous country fall fair flavours can be made at home with these easy recipes that have all the traditional tastes.

Mini Baked Cinnamon Sugar Doughnuts

It’s impossible to visit a fall fair without falling prey to the seductively sweet, sugary smell of mini-doughnuts. If you foolishly convinced yourself that they were a once-a-year treat, surprise! You can easily make them at home, too. Get the recipe here.

Apple Cider Spritz

Spritz it up! Gin adds some quick personality to cider…with a twist. It’s the perfect conversation starter. Local sparkling apple cider is available all across Canada. Use one that is crisp and not too sweet. Get the recipe here.

Beer-Battered Rice-Puffed Onion Rings

Who can resist onion rings when they arrive at your table in a crispy tangle of golden goodness? Here’s a fun take on a perennial favourite that will leave everyone fighting for the last one. Get the recipe here.

Spicy Kettle Corn

If movie night is a regular fixture in your home, this spicy kettle corn will become a mainstay, too. With the delicious kick of chili powder and sugar in one bowl, everyone’s palate will be satisfied, even if the movie is a flop. Get the recipe here.

Chocolate and Cointreau Fudge with Pralines and Cocoa Nibs

Fudge. It’s what childhood dreams are made of. Our grown-up version is the perfect marriage of Cointreau, pralines and cocoa nibs. Get the recipe here.

Joanna Notkin
Joanna Notkin

Joanna Notkin is a designer at heart, and food is her passion. With an eye for detail and a love of all things seasonal and local, Joanna approaches food in a way that is delicate and thoughtful. She brings together the flavours of each ingredient while honouring the fact that we truly eat with our eyes.

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