Apple Cider Spritz

A crisp, not-too-sweet cocktail for any time of the year

Spritz it up! Gin adds some quick personality to cider…with a twist. It’s the perfect conversation starter. Local sparkling apple cider is available all across Canada. Use one that is crisp and not too sweet.

Serves 2


4 oz Quebec or Canadian gin
1 bottle pink sparkling apple cider, about 350 mL
Splash soda
4 slices seasonal apple
4 cinnamon sticks

In a cocktail shaker, stir together gin, cider and some ice. Strain into 4 glasses. In each glass, add a splash of soda and garnish with 1 apple slice and 1 cinnamon stick.
TIP Can be served with or without ice. If serving with ice, strain into glasses filled with fresh ice.

Joanna Notkin
Joanna Notkin

Joanna Notkin is a designer at heart, and food is her passion. With an eye for detail and a love of all things seasonal and local, Joanna approaches food in a way that is delicate and thoughtful. Our food editor’s style brings together the flavours of each ingredient while honouring the fact that we truly eat with our eyes.  Joanna began as a textile designer before opening Zoe Ford Catering. She now also freelances as a recipe tester, restaurant consultant and menu planner and is an all-around food lover.

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