Any Occasion Fishcakes

A light lunch or dinner you can make with fresh or canned fish, leftover mashed potatoes & fresh herbs

Don’t let that leftover fish or mashed potatoes go to waste. These crispy fish cakes offer a delightful combination of simplicity and satisfaction. Whether you’re using salt cod, fresh fish, or canned tuna, choose your favourite and whip up a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner (suitable for all three!) that suits your taste. You can get super creative with this recipe. Makes about 12 fishcakes.


1  lb boneless haddock filet or other white fish, cooked
Substitutes: 1 lb chopped, cooked shellfish (shrimp, lobster, crab) or 2-3 cans of tuna, well-drained
2  tbsp horseradish
1  tbsp whole-grain Dijon mustard
2  tbsp hot sauce such as Sriracha, Sambal Oelek or Gochujang
cups leftover Best Mashed Potatoes
1⁄4 cup fresh herbs (I usually opt for dill or parsley, but cilantro works well too)
green onions, chopped
cup breadcrumbs, fresh ones are the best for this but feel free to use what you have

    Approximately 1 cup flour
    4-6 eggs, beaten
    cups seasoned breadcrumbs


    In a large mixing bowl, add all the ingredients except for the breading ingredients, and gently incorporate.

    Allow the mixture to rest in the fridge for 15 minutes. This allows the moisture in the mixture to redistribute evenly.

    Shape the fishcakes into patties and place them in the freezer for 15 minutes to set.

    Bread the fishcakes by first dredging flour, then dipping them into egg, and then into breadcrumbs.

    Panfry the fishcakes in a skillet with a 2 cm layer of oil at medium heat.

    Cook on both sides until they reach a deep golden brown; approximately 4 minutes on each side.

    Serve with our Tangy Dill Tartar Sauce.

    Freezer-friendly tip: Uncooked fishcakes can be frozen for up to 3 months.

    Chef ILona Daniel
    Chef ILona Daniel

    Chef ILona Daniel is Harrowsmith’s Food Editor and the founder of Tribe Fresh Events and Consulting, a purpose-driven insights consultancy accelerated by modern approaches to the hospitality industry, immersive experiences, and community and culture development. She has worked on projects around the world and is on the Board of Directors for the Tourism Association of PEI. Chef Ilona is a media personality, and a Culinary Instructor at the Culinary Institute of Canada.

    Posted on Tuesday, October 10th, 2023

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