Wild and textured, East Coast cuisine is making a comeback

Top Recipes from Canada’s East Coast

Each recipe tells a story with a side of history

Between the longtime efforts of P.E.I. chef Michael Smith, all the international buzz around the Fogo Island Inn, and an exciting crop of young chefs embracing and seriously jazzing up what the land and sea has always provided, East Coast cuisine is enjoying a renaissance. Foraging, fishing, hunting, making unique dishes from sea vegetables and all the odd bits such as dulse, caribou moss, cloudberries, cod tongue and seal flipper pie — Canada’s East Coast is a celebration of place and season. And with a long and storied history as a point of first contact for traders, fishers and invaders from many parts of the world, the area’s global influences, perhaps most enduringly from the U.K., can also be found in East Coast cuisine. 

The classics, or at least the first things that come to mind when thinking about the foods of the Maritime provinces — Jiggs’ dinner, chicken fricot (Acadian stew), fish and brewis with scruncheons, mustard pickle, Solomon Gundy (pickled herring), salt cod, hodgepodge, grunt, figgy duff, and touton and molasses — are all tasty, simple, thrifty, filling and born of necessity. 

All this to say, the foods of Newfoundland and Labrador, P.E.I., Nova Scotia and New Brunswick are many and fine, and each recipe tells a story with a side of history. 

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Images by: Signe Langford

Signe Langford
Signe Langford

From Hudson, Quebec, now living in Port Hope, Ontario, Signe is a restaurant chef-turned-writer who tells award-winning stories and creates delicious recipes for such publications as: LCBO’s Food & Drink, Manna Pro Hearty Homestead, The Harvest Commission, and Today’s Parent; she published her first book – Happy Hens & Fresh Eggs; Keeping Chickens in the Kitchen Garden with 100 Recipes – in 2015. She studied Fine Art History and Humanities at the University of Toronto, and York University; she graduated with honours from OCAD University; she earned her Wine Specialist Certificate from George Brown College.


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