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Connecting – Lorraine Johnson and the Reason for Gardens

Reaping What You Sow - A Video Interview with Lorraine Johnson

Lorraine Johnson has been gardening in urban areas for years. She’s planted in plots, in pots, in unused corners of cities, without permission and with grateful invitation. Johnson is the author of nine books about gardening. Her latest, City Farmer – Adventures in Urban Food Growing, focuses on the numerous ways folks in cities, towns and villages can grow their own food, within the borders of the space they call home. She dispels the myth that city soil is inherently dangerous to grow in, offers advice on harvesting abundance from small spaces and points out that urban gardening can be more productive than traditional farming and offers pollinators greater biodiversity. Best of all, she argues, urban gardening nurtures communities, provides local, good food for those in need and gives people a sense of connection with the food they eat daily. You can hear Lorraine Johnson speak about the joys of urban farming at her upcoming talk at the Textile Museum in Toronto.

Lorraine Johnson

The Bounty of Urban Gardens