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Top Plants For A Country Garden

The country cottage garden style can be adapted to any garden, whether rural or urban, small or large. It incorporates great places to relax, entertain and engage in all activities relating to garden activity so benches and garden furniture that blends in with
the landscape is a must. At its essence, it’s the plants that give a cottage garden the charm and beauty. Get started with the expert information comes to you from our gardening editors, father-and-son duo Mark and Ben Cullen

Check out Virginia Johnson’s country garden in the city

Internally renowned artist Virginia Johnson gives Harrowsmith an exclusive peek into her studio and garden.

Meet Chris Krucker and Denise Trigatti at Manorun Organic Farm

Harrowsmith‘s Catalina Margulis talks to Chris and Denise who have built their successful farming business on a foundation of hard work, quality family time and new ideas from their now-adult children who work at the farm too.

If we are going to make big changes that are sustainable today, “we have to recognize the spirit that today’s youth bring to the way we see the world,” says Naomi who runs all of the vegetable production at Manorun. When she sees so many young people eager to start their own farming business, “it feels like a little win every time.”

What happens to the farm when the farmers want to go on vacation?

Farmer Claire Dam tells us how to (and how not to) hire a farm sitter. And her farm sitter tells us what it’s really like to manage a whole farm on your own.

7 Essentials for Modern Homesteading Success

The pandemic has boosted the popularity of modern homesteading and now more and more Canadians are looking for sustainable alternatives to a job-centred lifestyle and realizing that being self-sufficint is an opportunity to slow down and enjoy life. If there’s anyone to put this into perspective, it’s our Home and Farm Editor Steve Maxwell, who has spent the last 35 years building a life, a home and a business in the country. In his feature, “7 Essentials for Modern Homesteading Success” on P.44, he gets real about what you need to know to become more self-sufficint. “This article is one that I wish I could have read before we got started,” Steve says.

Our Summer Menu

Finally, it’s summer and there’s nothing better than dining al fresco with the season’s freshest foods. Food editor, Chef ILona Daniel, creates a summertime menu perfect for picnics, family outings and backyard barbecues.

Meet Lisa Swarbrick, the jam lady

Lisa’s jams and jellies have been winning ribbons at The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair for over two decades, and this year — The Royal’s 100th anniversary — will mark her 25th year as a competitor, something she is extremely proud of. Get her top strawberry jam recipe and top jam making tips.

Plus, our fave summer finds, project inspiration, upcycling ideas, travel inspiration & more!

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The Harrowsmith Team
The Harrowsmith Team

Harrowsmith is the farm-to-condo go-to for living sustainably and simply. Our mission is to offer a down-to-earth Canadian perspective on topics of gardening, home and design, travel and culture, food, health, wellness and the environment.

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