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Star Struck!

There Was a Mistake in the Cosmos!

Dear lovely Harrowsmith readers,

Harrowsmith Alamanc 2018We made a slight goof, and hopefully your stargazing and sunsetting experiences aren’t thrown off for the year. Thank you to Jody Myers, who emailed us to let us know about the blip on page 152 of our Fall 2018 Almanac (we listed March 10th and 11th both as Saturdays–there wasn’t even a freaky Friday the 13th to blame!). Here’s what we do know: The upper-left star of Orion (Betelgeuse) is still about 650 light-years away. The sun will still remain in our March skies progressively longer each day and melt this clingy winter for good! Our Astronomy editor, Robert Dick, has supplied a quick revision to right this spring equinox tilt to help realign your days.

If you are new to us, and just fell in love with our colourful spring issue (on newsstands at the beginning of March), fret not! You can still buy copies of the 2018 Fall Almanac for valuable information on weather, the stars and a copy of our 39th annual seed guide. It’s never too late!

Thank you from the Harrowsmith team.

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