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Canadian Candle

Also known as a “Swedish torch,” the Canadian candle is a fun option for sitting by the fire

A creative way to make a fire that’s also great for cooking, a Canadian candle is a contained fire that burns slowly from the inside out and doubles as a cooking surface. Here’s how to make one.


Make sure both ends of the log are cut level, so it stands up straight on one end and can be used as a cooking surface on the other end. Then split it into four pieces. (Alternatively, you can use a chainsaw to cut the log into six pieces about three-quarters of the way through, so the bottom of the log is still attached.)


Set the log in a fire-safe location, such as a firepit, and loosely tie the pieces together around the bottom with wire, leaving room in the gaps for tinder.


Add tinder, kindling and small pieces of wood between the pieces.


Light your fire and enjoy!