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Publisher’s Letter – Summer 2021

Remember that wherever you are, Harrowsmith is with you.

Loving Local

If the pandemic has shown us anything, it’s how tenuous our hold is on supply and demand. Grow your own and locally grown has never been more important. And things that had gradually gone out of fashion, like baking your own bread and having your own root cellar, are quickly making a comeback.

Which is why, this issue, we’ve asked Home and Property Editor Steve Maxwell to share his advice for creating a root cellar at home. From what foods keep best in a root cellar to what conditions to maintain in your root cellar to even where to build one and how, Maxwell breaks it down so you too can enjoy greater freedom and independence.

To complement his guide to root cellars, Mark and Ben Cullen share their tips for growing root vegetables year-round, as well as how best to harvest and store them.

When it comes to growing outside, climate plays an obviously big part in what we grow and where. As yet as Zach Loeks explores this issue, micro-climates and edible biodiversity present great opportunities and benefits for us all. As he shares, by investing in ecosystem design, we can maximize resilience, improve food security and create profitable niches for farmers and producers alike.

Speaking of producers, this issue, we talk to several lavender farmers about the joys and challenges of growing lavender, particularly during 2020 and through the pandemic. As they share, the year of COVID-19 has presented some unique upsets, and also opportunities for growth and diversification.

Similar to how specific plants thrive under specific conditions, certain breeds do better in certain geographies. This issue, Sarah Loten explores Canada’s fascinating history of developing livestock and breeds.

Remember that wherever you are, Harrowsmith is with you. Whether you’re driving in the car, or out in the fields, our Harrowsmith Radio podcast brings you inspiring conversations with interesting producers, growers and artists who are bringing their unique flavour and perspective to Made in Canada.

Yolanda Thornton
Yolanda Thornton

Yolanda Thornton founded Moongate Publishing a custom content, branding and strategic communications company in 2009. Her experience spans over 30 years in the communications industry, and roles with national consumer lifestyle magazines and broadcast sales including 14 years as the Director of Advertising Sales and Marketing at Harrowsmith Country Life Magazine. Yolanda has a deep understanding of how organizations, business sectors, and Canadians get their information, entertainment and engage socially. She’s well versed in developing traditional and online communications strategies, magazines and content to create audience engagement, community involvement, and loyalty.


Posted on Thursday, May 27th, 2021
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