3 Trending Ways to Update Your Home

With Summer in full swing and warmer temperatures welcoming open windows, now is the perfect time to tackle an affordable, DIY update for your home.

From whitewashing brick walls to creating new focal points in your room through accent walls (and ceilings!) to refreshing kitchen cabinets, all it takes is a fresh coat of paint to make your home feel like new. Here are three trending ways to update your home now.

White Out

Whitewashing brick walls is great for brightening interior spaces and opening them up, giving your rooms a whole new look. This simple treatment takes an afternoon and you don’t need to be a painting pro to pull it off, though as with any DIY project, having the right tools and supplies will help set you up for success.

To begin, start by washing the brick to remove any dust or dirt. Then, mask off edges and any areas you don’t want painted with a quality painter’s tape like Painter’s Mate Ultra® professional painter’s tape, which offers professional results and better paint lines without the premium price. Next, mix equal parts water and paint and apply using a paintbrush, starting on the grout lines and then painting the brick. Gently wipe off the wash with a clean cloth. For best results, frequently stir the wash mixture to get an even look and remove the Painter’s Mate Ultra tape while the paint is still wet.

Bold and Beautiful

Tired of the same four walls? Update a space with an accent wall for a statement-making look. It’s an easy, affordable way to transform any room.

To get started, protect floors, fill nail holes and sand the wall, then wipe away dust with a clean, damp sponge. Apply painter’s tape along the adjacent walls and ceiling to ensure crisp, clean lines. If you’re going from a dark colour to a light one, prime your wall first. Paint until the whole wall is covered, and remove the painter’s tape while the paint is still wet.

For a neat twist on the accent wall, consider painting your ceiling in a unique shade. You can also paint your trim in accent colours (black is a popular one!) for a dramatic look.

Cool Cabinets

2020 puts cabinets in the spotlight, with open-front shelving and glass and matte panels topping the looks of the moment. The facades are limitless but for an affordable fix, you can simply give them a fresh coat of paint to make your room feel like new.

To get started, remove cabinet doors, hardware and shelves. Cover appliances, countertops, backsplash and walls with drop cloths. Next, fill any holes or cracks in the cabinets and sand every surface that’s going to be painted. Vacuum the area and wipe everything down with a damp cloth to get rid of any dust. Apply painter’s tape to adjacent surfaces to prevent paint bleed, and apply primer to all areas to be painted and let it dry. Finally, paint cabinets with 100% enamel paint formula and let the first coat dry completely before adding a second coat.

When it comes to the top shades of choice, black and white are timeless looks for kitchens, while greys, blues, jewel tones and two-tone cabinets are gaining favour. You can also replace the hardware to take modernizing your cabinets to the next level.

For a professional finish, Painter’s Mate Ultra® professional painter’s tape offers better adhesion to hard-to-stick-to surfaces without damage, and the 14-day removal factor means you can prep in advance with confidence.

From accent walls and whitewashed brick walls to like-new cabinets, you’ll love the new space a fresh coat of paint creates thanks to these three trending updates.

Painters Mate
Painters Mate

Painter’s Mate® brand products are the painter’s mate for quality and value. This brand offers cost-effective, professional-grade adhesive products that can be used for any painting and remodeling project, indoor or outdoor.

Posted on Tuesday, July 14th, 2020
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