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Organic Coconut Clusters with Super Seeds

Want to take snacking to the next level? These clusters will satisfy and surprise all palates and concerns. They are non-GMO, vegan friendly, kosher, organic and free of gluten, eggs and butter. And they are addictively sweet, crunchy and a beautiful blend of pumpkin, sunflower and chia seeds. The tri-superseed blend with give you superpowers for your next bike ride, run, dog walk or work day.

The Enjoyable Rut: A Rum Drinking and Adventure Seeking Blog

Lauren Williams won the Lonely Planet Pathfinder’s Travel Blog of the Year in 2016 for good reason. She’s a Cornish girl, but we won’t hold it against her! Her blog is a colourful romp with misadventures from around the world: Be sure to read her post on the Great Nurdle Hunt in Cornwall and (squeamish alert) catfishing on Winnipeg’s Red River. The journalism grad quit her corporate job to “discover a life of wonder” and surrender to being “stuck in a rut of fun.” It shows.


solar blazeSolarBlaze

This wireless solar-powered LED light was developed by a nuclear engineer. There is an automated “on” feature at night, plus an auto “bright” motion sensor, “dim” standby mode and auto “off” feature in daylight. Though mounting screws are provided, they are optional, as SolarBlaze is guaranteed to stick to any clean, dry surface. The premium five-year solar panel lifespan promises solar-powered security motion LED lighting in an efficient, compact design (4.5″ x 3.4″ x 1.6″). The energy-savvy workhorse is perfect for placement near pond gardens, winding paths, Airstreams or even doghouses, for that matter. This peel-’n’-stick, no-tools-required solar product will really light up your life.


The Plant Condo

The 10-storey boutique condominium to be built at Dovercourt and Queen West in Toronto is being billed as an “urban agricultural” complex. Curated Properties has partnered with Windmill Developments to cater to buyers interested in a building with holistic sustainability, social connection and a sharing economy. The former site of Dufflet Pastries’ bakery will be transformed into a terrace-to-table property that facilitates “edible landscaping.” Buyers can opt to order vertical aeroponic (self-watering, with no potting soil) planters for the balcony. Kitchen carts will be fashioned with recyclable and organic-waste containers on the bottom and small herb gardens on top. Common areas include a rooftop garden, an industrial kitchen for seasonal food processing (canning), and small greenhouse for seed germination. Basic condo units will start at $500,000 and are estimated to be completed by 2020.

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