Harrowsmith Winter 2021 - press release

Harrowsmith Winter 2021 Magazine

Toronto, Ontario on November 15, 2021— So many ways to love winter!

Out November 15, the Winter issue of Harrowsmith celebrates the season with fresh décor ideas, luscious recipes and some of our favourite things—all made right here in Canada!

With a focus on the country’s West Coast, the issue features an exclusive interview with Arlene Dickinson, who shares why Calgary is the place she chooses to call home, as well as her take on business opportunities in Canada.

Harrowsmith’s incoming editor-in-chief Jennifer Reynolds shares her winter décor hacks, including how to make your own festive wreath and urn planting, as well as ideas for dressing up your winter garden.

Also on the homefront, Harrowsmith gardening editors Mark and Ben Cullen show us how to prune like a pro, while Steve Maxwell returns with his home and farm advice, including the inside scoop on reciprocating saws, and why he’s a fan of frost seeding.

In the kitchen, Bob Blumer serves up a heavenly chocolate cake recipe, and Harrowsmith food editor ILona Daniel brings us the best of the West, exploring B.C. cuisine through three unique dishes.

This issue offers its share of arm travel, as we head over to B.C. to meet the producers behind Westholme Tea, and B.C. travel writer Bruce Kirkby takes us all the way to the Himalayas on his family’s around-the-world adventure.

As always, inside the issue, you’ll find plenty more great ideas for the home, garden and beyond, including:

  • How a tree-planting campaign honouring military veterans is revolutionizing highways across Canada
  • An update on the West Nile Virus
  • West Coast book picks and Things We Love
  • Dan Needles’ dispatches from the country
  • Plus so much more!

“Harrowsmith has always been about celebrating the small things in life—fresh air, good food, and community,” says Harrowsmith publisher Yolanda Thornton. “Indeed it’s the little things that add up to big impact, from sustainable farming and business practices, to informed and conscientious purchasing decisions. Each issue, we bring readers the stories, producers and leaders moving us in the right direction.”


Harrowsmith is the only publication of its kind that can honestly dub itself “Made in Canada.” We are 100% Canadiana. In fact, if you open the magazine and inhale really deeply, you can actually smell maple syrup. Maybe a buttermilk pancake. Harrowsmith is produced four times a year with four print issues (spring, summer, fall, winter).

MEDIA INTERVIEWS: Publisher Yolanda Thornton, Home and Farm Editor Steve Maxwell and Gardening Editors Mark and Ben Cullen are available now for media interviews. We can also provide additional copies to give away as prizes to your readers or listeners. 

Yolanda Thornton Publisher yolanda@moongate.ca 416.930.1664. 
Mark and Ben Cullen Gardening Editors bhensley@markschoice.com
Steve Maxwell steve@stevemaxwell.ca

MEDIA IMAGES: Hi-res and lo-res images of HARROWSMITH’s latest cover are available for download from our website. 

PLEASE SHARE YOUR REVIEW: We would appreciate receiving a copy of your review or interview for our files, or at least a heads-up so we can link to it online and post on our social media accounts. Thanks! 





Catalina Margulis
Catalina Margulis

An editor with 15-plus years in the publishing business, Catalina Margulis’ byline spans travel, food, decor, parenting, fashion, beauty, health and business. When she’s not chasing after her three young children, she can be found painting her home, taming her garden and baking muffins.

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