The 2024 Harrowsmith Almanac is here!

This special edition is designed to empower Canadians to live sustainably, embrace nature's wonders, and savour the joys of every month


Harrowsmith Magazine presents The 2024 Harrowsmith Almanac – Your Guide to Sustainable Living Made Simple. 

July 25, 2023 – Get ready to embark on a journey of discovery with Harrowsmith‘s highly anticipated Almanac Issue on newsstands on August 1, 2023. Packed with a treasure trove of useful information for every season, this special edition is designed to empower readers to live sustainably, embrace nature’s wonders, and savour the joys of each month.

Living Sustainably: Our Almanac offers practical tips on sustainable living in a world where eco-consciousness is paramount. From reducing waste to conserving energy, readers will find easy-to-implement strategies to make a positive impact on the planet. 

Fight Food Waste: Learn how to combat food waste with innovative recipes and preservation techniques. Second Harvest’s Lori Nikkel shares creative ways to transform kitchen scraps into delectable dishes and reduce your carbon footprint while relishing mouthwatering meals and saving money.

Connecting with Nature: Our Almanac indulges nature enthusiasts with fascinating facts about our natural environment. Unravel the wonders of wildlife, ecosystems, and climate patterns that shape our world.

Celebrate the Trailblazing Achievements of Indigenous Women in Canada: The First-Ever List of Indigenous Female Firsts by Sally Simpson. 

Stargazing Delights: Navigate the night sky confidently using our detailed night sky charts created by Astronomy Editor Robert Dick, one of Canada’s foremost writers and educators on astronomical topics. Chart out astronomical events and celestial highlights each month to make it a stellar year for stargazing.

Weather Wisdom: This year, we have a lot to prepare for. “After almost three years under a La Niña pattern, the world will experience a strong El Niño starting in the autumn of 2023,” says Harrowsmith’s weather expert, Mark Sirois. An El Niño pattern can help dictate how much firewood to buy, how much you may pay on electricity bills, what crops to plant, and many other factors. Rest assured that the Almanac’s long-term month monthly forecasts will help you plan ahead. “You’ve been warned,” Sirois says, “…. now hang on tight; it’s likely to be a bumpy ride.” 

Adapting to Climate Change: As our climate changes, so must our gardens. Our gardening experts Mark and Ben Cullen, share top plant picks, helping new and experienced green thumbs create resilient and thriving gardens for the future.

Potluck Perfection: Hosting a potluck has never been easier! Food editor Chef ILona Daniel, offers a collection of crowd-pleasing recipes that are simple to prepare and sure to impress guests.

D.I.Y. Knowhow: Are you Ready to Go Pro? Home Improvement editor Steve Maxwell shares the 7 things you need to know to turn your home improvement skills into a profitable renovation business. 

“In a world bustling with fast-paced living and constant information overload, finding a reliable source of knowledge and inspiration can feel like a breath of fresh air,” says Harrowsmith’s Editor, Jen Reynolds. 

Don’t miss out on this comprehensive issue that celebrates the beauty of our world while empowering readers to live in harmony with it. Grab your copy of Harrowsmith‘s Almanac Issue today and unlock a year of sustainability, knowledge, and delight!

About Harrowsmith: With a focus on sustainability, nature, gardening, home cooking, astronomy, slow travel, do-it-yourself projects and home repairs, Harrowsmith — founded in 1976 — is a trusted source for those seeking a deeper connection with the world around them.

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Jennifer Reynolds, Editor-in-Chief
Harrowsmith Magazine & Harrowsmith Almanac

The Harrowsmith Team
The Harrowsmith Team

Harrowsmith is the farm-to-condo go-to for living sustainably and simply. Our mission is to offer a down-to-earth Canadian perspective on topics of gardening, home and design, travel and culture, food, health, wellness and the environment.

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