Press Release Fall 2021 (Almanac 2022)

Press Release Fall 2021 (Almanac 2022)

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Toronto, Ontario on August 2nd, 2021—

We’re heading due south in Harrowsmith’s 2022 Almanac. Following the direction of this year’s theme of the cardinal signs, this fall issue is deeply steeped in all things southern from bird migrations to our food editor’s indulgent pecan pie and cornbread recipes.

Designed for curious minds, the Almanac’s staples include over 50 pages of weather forecasts for 2022 and star charts to keep you apprised of meteor showers and waxing moons thanks to the laser focus of Astronomy editor Robert Dick and Meteorology editor Mark Sirois.

For gardeners, greenhouse gurus Mark and Ben Cullen deliver with essential seasonal guides for tropical plants and winter flowering plants to colour the white months that lie in wait. 

In the past, our annual almanac has featured “Small Ponds,” a section highlighting famous Canadian athletes, musicians, writers and artists. In 2021, we shifted the spotlight to “Small Farms” to illuminate the resilience of farmers across the country. This year, we are pushing dedicated bakers, pit masters, chefs, brewers and caterers out of the galleys and into the limelight. The “Small Kitchens” profiles are an introduction to the entrepreneurs who have spent endless hours in chef’s whites selflessly perfecting hot sauce recipes, smoking fish and taste-testing everything from cookies to paprika-laced salad dressing—for our pleasure. This section allows readers to poke around the pantries and refrigerators of St. Lucian, Guyanese, Belizean, South African and French-Canadian chefs in Canada.

We hope the Small Kitchens feature will inspire readers to explore new flavours and support their local food trucks and indie cafes. In addition to Signe Langford’s chicken and noodle dumplings with all the sweet sides, we also introduce bison four ways, courtesy of the Canadian Bison Association. From bison tacos to BBQ buffalo flank steak, these recipes will take the edge of the crisp fall nights. Writer Shawn MacWha takes a look at the bison industry in Canada too—did you know that there are more than 150,000 bison being raised by almost a thousand different producers, large and small from Nova Scotia to BC?

Even though the pandemic has suspended travel for most of the world, the temporary grounding is an ideal time to expand our horizons and consider destinations like San Pedro, Belize. Editor-in-chief, Jules Torti, shares her experience in Ambergris Caye and her surprise at the island’s efforts to create an environmentally-sound tourism infrastructure.

Speaking of infrastructure and structures—as always, our Home + Farm editor, Steve Maxwell lays down the house rules. Maxwell helps readers choose the best cordless drill and tips for freeze-proofing water lines—which will help prevent getting the cold shoulder from everyone else in your household!

What else? We’re glad you asked— 

Learn about species at risk like the barn swallow and Ontario turtles. In collaboration with NestWatch and Parks Canada, look for ideas on how you can support swallows in your area with a nest cup DIY and nesting signs. Thanks to the Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre, you’ll learn how to protect overwintering turtle nests on your property too.

In this issue, we also roll out the red carpet for the Ontario Agricultural Hall of Fame 2021 inductees!

As always, flip to the back of our magazine for Dan Needles reliably nostalgic yarns, “True Confessions from the Ninth Concession.” 

Things We Love, A Cup of Coffee With a Local and Bookshelf are all designed to help you keep tabs on notable Canadians and what’s trending from feel-good products to must-have fireside books this season. 

Pour another carbon neutral cup! Stay awhile… 

“The Small Kitchens section was such an engaging feature of the 2022 almanac to curate. For Food Network junkies, foodies and anyone who is a bit nosey about what people put in their grocery carts, Small Kitchens allows you to peek behind the apron of the pros. Find out who is on Team Cilantro and who can’t stand it! What cookbook would a legit chef take to a desert island? Yes, the answers are as juicy as a Georgian peach. Don’t miss this inaugural section featuring chefs and bakers from PEI to Belize!”

~ Jules Torti, Editor-in-Chief

“Even though the pandemic has left us all in a strange place in time, there’s always comfort to be found in familiarity. Whether it’s preparing a nourishing soup for a neighbour or family member, repotting a plant or sitting down at day’s end with a copy of Harrowsmith. Be sure to share your old magazine copies or a recipe–or some seeds with a friend or stranger. That’s what the Harrowsmith community is all about. Sharing.”

~Yolanda Thornton, Publisher


Harrowsmith is the only publication of its kind that can honestly dub itself “Made in Canada.” We are 100% Canadiana. In fact, if you open the magazine and inhale really deeply, you can actually smell maple syrup. Harrowsmith is now published four times a year (also available in digital). 


Publisher: Yolanda Thornton

Gardening Editors: Mark and Ben Cullen

Food Editor: Signe Langford

Home and Farm Editor: Steve Maxwell

For media interviews or additional copies for prize giveaways for your readers or listeners please contact Yolanda Thornton at 416.930.1664.

MEDIA IMAGES: Hi-res and lo-res images of Harrowsmith’s latest cover are available for download from our website. 

PLEASE SHARE YOUR REVIEW: We would appreciate receiving a copy of your review or interview for our files, or at least a heads-up so we can post on our socials and webpage. Thanks! 

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Circulation: 66,000 

Price: $8.99 

Paperback, 256 pages plus cover 

Title: Fall 2021, includes Harrowsmith’s 2022 Almanac

Jules Torti
Jules Torti

Jules Torti’s work has been published in The Vancouver Sun, The Globe & Mail, travelife, Canadian Running and Coast Mountain Culture. With experiences as a canoe outtripper, outdoor educator, colouring book illustrator and freelancer, she is thrilled to be able to curate, write and read about the very best things in life.

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