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Spring 2021 Harrowsmith Magazine

The Spring 2021 Harrowsmith Magazine issue is on newsstands now - but only until May 31st!

In a time when we’re all seeking a bright, new direction, Harrowsmith magazine is providing just that! This year, our four issues will explore the cardinal signs: North (spring), East (summer), South (fall) and West (winter).

On the Northern Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, our editor-in-chief’s desk sits halfway between the equator and the North pole on the 45th parallel line. Our spring issue will introduce readers to many norths: Yukon, Yellowknife, Big Bear and Polaris and Woodland Harvest Mountain Farm in North Carolina.

  • In Yukon, readers can tag along on Jules Torti’s proposed itinerary of midnight sun tanning, outhouse races and hair-freezing competitions.
  • In Yellowknife, Dene musician Leela Gilday offers the inside scoop from the shores of the Great Bear Lake on the Dog Island Floating Film Festival, Tin Can Hill and the best place for bannock and eggers.
  • Look up! Astronomy editor, Robert Dick, retells colourful stories of the northern night sky constellations—just add the campfire!

From an Appalachian homestead in North Carolina to a chef’s foraging tour of Newfoundland, this issue is dedicated to the true north and the magenta fireweed, muskox and electric stars that make it so!

*For trivia junkies: “True north” is determined by the earth’s axis, not magnetic north. Alert is the most northerly inhabited place in Canada. Located in the Qikiqtaaluk Region of Nunavut on the northeastern tip of Ellesmere Island, it’s just 817km from the North Pole at 82°30’05.

What’s on tap:

Maple syrup! Follow Shawn MacWha as he beats around the sugar bush in eastern Ontario. Then, be sure to follow our food editor, Signe Langford, straight into the kitchen for sap + syrup-inspired recipes like her Maple-Orange-Ginger Sticky Ribs. Yes, it’s a sticky but sweet situation to be in.

For those with hoes and hose at the ready, Mark and Ben Cullen explain the importance of native plants. They’re low-maintenance and drought-resistant. The gardening guys have your back too—learn how to keep your precious native plants wildlife-resistant with some witch-like concoctions of rotten eggs, beer and Irish Spring.

As the birds return and fill our skies with song, our home and farm editor, Steve Maxwell provides a timely DIY. Build a nesting box for the eastern bluebirds or, for the extra ambitious: a veranda! Whatever your skill set is, we have you covered in the sawdust and tool belt department.

We’ll also introduce you to Ontario’s industrious wartime Farmerettes, the Great Powassan Farmstand Tour and the quirky exchange of a raven painting for a greenhouse on Vancouver Island.

What else? We’re glad you asked—we have your checklist covered.

  • Dan Needles—Frank confessions from Dan’s Ninth Concession.
  • Things We Love—Check out Digby Paints, Nature’s Path turmeric granola and Little Iron Fish!
  • Bookshelf—Catherine Bush’s Blaze Island, County Heirlooms cookbook and a wildlife photographer’s memoir are guaranteed to keep you up at night.
  • Cup of Coffee With a Local—Meet Dene musician Leela Gilday at Birchwood Coffee Kǫ̀!

Pour another cup! Stay awhile…

“If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s the power of sharing. Whether it’s a dozen muffins, some seedlings or volunteering your time at a local food bank. We need to support each other and our farmers. That’s who we are. That’s what makes us Canadian,” says Publisher Yolanda Thornton.
“During this suspended time, it’s safe to say that we’re all anxious for the renewal of spring. Many of us had our travel plans squashed twice (this year and last) but, if spring demonstrates anything, it’s resiliency above all else. I’m glad we can provide a virtual exploration of Canada through our magazine pages until the world uprights itself again.”

–Jules Torti, Editor-in-Chief


Harrowsmith is the only publication of its kind that can honestly dub itself “Made in Canada.” We are 100% Canadiana. In fact, if you open the magazine and inhale really deeply, you can actually smell maple syrup. Harrowsmith is now published four times a year (also available in digital).

MEDIA INTERVIEWS: Publisher Yolanda Thornton, Editor-in-Chief Jules Torti, Gardening Editors Mark and Ben Cullen, Food Editor Signe Langford, Home and Farm Editor Steve Maxwell, are available now for media interviews. We can provide additional copies for prize giveaways to your readers or listeners.
Yolanda Thornton           yolanda@moongate.ca 416.930.1664
Jules Torti                          jules@moongate.ca
Mark and Ben Cullen      bhensley@markschoice.com
Signe Langford                 langfordsigne@gmail.com
Steve Maxwell                  steve@stevemaxwell.ca

MEDIA IMAGES: Hi-res and lo-res images of Harrowsmith’s latest cover are available for download from our website.

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Jules Torti
Jules Torti

Jules Torti’s work has been published in The Vancouver Sun, The Globe & Mail, travelife, Canadian Running and Coast Mountain Culture. With experiences as a canoe outtripper, outdoor educator, colouring book illustrator and freelancer, she is thrilled to be able to curate, write and read about the very best things in life.


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