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Boreal Forest Facts

Spreading over continents and covering many countries including Canada, the Boreal forest plays a significant role in the planet’s biodiversity and its climate.

A few facts and figures about the boreal forest:

  • Percentage of Canada covered by boreal forest: 60 per cent. That’s a total of 5.7 million square kilometres;
  • Percentage of Canada’s boreal forest lost to insects, disease and fire every year: 1 per cent;
  • Percentage of boreal forest harvested in Canada annually: 0.2 per cent.
  • Canada’s boreal forest is home to 85 species of mammals, 130 species of fish, some 32,000 species of insects, and 300 species of birds;
  • The boreal forest covers most of inland Canada and Alaska, most of Sweden, Finland and inland Norway, much of Russia, and the northern parts of Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Japan.
  • It represents 29 per cent of the world’s forest cover, and 30 per cent of it lies within Canada;
  • Threatened and endangered wildlife within the Canadian boreal forest includes such iconic species as the woodland caribou, grizzly bear, and wolverine. Habitat loss from logging is a primary reason for the decline of these species;
  • More than 2.5 million people—1 in 13 Canadians—live in Canada’s boreal zone.