The future of Halton's urban sprawl

The Fight to Save 5,200 Acres of Farmland

Regional council wants to develop this land but Halton Region residents believe there is a better solution

This week on rabble radio, Doreen Nicoll interviews environmental lawyer Phil Pothen. Phil and Doreen have been following the ongoing situation in Halton Region regarding the ‘Stop Sprawl Halton’ movement.

What’s at stake? 5,200 acres of farmland. The regional council wants to develop this land as part of a ‘preferred growth plan.’ But Halton Region residents believe there is a better solution. Listen to Phil and Doreen discuss how this proposed growth plan came to be and what residents would like the future of Halton region to look like.

You can learn more about this story in Doreen’s piece on the site this week.

Her accompanying piece is here:

Photo credit:  Allison Batley on Unsplash


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Posted on Thursday, May 12th, 2022
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