Lorraine Johnson & Sheila Colla
Lorraine Johnson is the author of more than ten books. Her work engages with community issues and projects centred on habitat, urban food growing and land access. Her first book, Green Future, was published in 1990 and empowered individuals with environmental information for action. Her groundbreaking book on native plant gardening, The Ontario Naturalized Garden, was published in 1995, when it was illegal to grow milkweed in Ontario; Lorraine continues to advocate for the reform of grass and weeds bylaws. https://lorrainejohnson.ca/ Sheila Colla is a conservation scientist and associate professor in the Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change at York University. Her research is interdisciplinary and includes understanding the conservation statuses of and threats to wild bumblebees. She also works closely with environmental non-governmental organizations, government agencies and community scientists to apply science in real-world settings. She previously published The Bumblebees of North America: An Identification Guide (Princeton University Press 2014) and helps run the community science program BumbleBeeWatch. https://www.savethebumblebees.ca/

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