Don’t Forget the Folklore

While you’re out discovering Stratford and the surrounding region, keep your ears and eyes open for some fascinating local folklore.

Dentist Drilled Deep into The Strange Copper Cylinders of Thaddeus Barnes

Ramon Humeres is no stranger to puzzles or adventures. The 60-year-old Toronto dentist has been tackling thorny enigmas for years. And, his favourite photo is of him skydiving. Humeres discovered the six sets of journal pages for The Strange Copper Cylinders of Thaddeus Barnes treasure hunt late in the game. He cut it about as […]

The Cycle of Life

Yvonne Bambrick has been on a bike since she was a baby. On the back of her father’s bike, a few decades back. But now she gets around Toronto under her own steam, and in her own words. Bambrick is the author of the Urban Cycling Survival Guide. It’s an introduction to the skills, gear […]

Horses Are My Therapy

Dr. J. David Richardson is a Viking with a heart of gold. The retired Dundas, Ontario family doctor now runs Christieview Farm, just outside of Hamilton, Ontario. And, he’s using his rural perch, on the lip of the Christie Conversation Area, to help folks recover from physical or emotional traumas through learning to drive horses. Two […]

One Of A Kind, The Recycled and the Strange

We dropped by the One of a Kind Show and Sale in Toronto this week. We were looking for artists and craftspeople who were doing something a little different or making good use of recycled material. We found them. From a former pig farmer who now does cycle sculptures to a bag maker who pillages […]