The Hudson’s Bay Company Blanket

The Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) point blanket has been such a fixture in Canadian homes, cottages, lodges and cabins through the centuries, it’s easy to think of it as just … a blanket. But what product can you name that has been manufactured for over 400 years?  And what could be a more truly Canadian wedding, anniversary […]

January 2020 Free Books

When you sign up for Harrowsmith’s free 3x/year newsletter, you’ll be entered into a draw for FREE books from New Society Publishers. We are giving away 6 books each month about the stuff that’s important to you: building chemical-free natural ponds, baking no-knead and sourdough bread or, how to design a light straw clay home. New Society Publisher titles are published […]

Window Condensation Insights

Watch Steve Maxwell show how wintertime window condensation is related to the insulation value of the glass making up the windows.