Let it grow with Mark Cullen

Summertime serves up the best of fresh fare, with fruits and vegetables packed with flavour. Nurture your own crops this season for the ultimate take on eating local, and watch your garden grow. Our Gardening Editor, Mark Cullen, shows you how.

Growing up

Green rooftops and high-rise farming reach new heights across Canada

In bloom

The previous generation of gardeners believed that the long weekend of May was the “planting weekend.” If they didn’t get plants in the ground before the end of the long weekend, they didn’t bother. Things have changed, thankfully, as the current generation of gardeners is taking advantage of the fact that virtually all plants sold […]

Robotics: The future of farming

Robots and automated machinery are a common sight in factories around the world—and now they are transforming the way we grow food. According to the study “Agricultural Robots: Market Shares, Strategy, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2014 to 2020,” robotics are being introduced into more areas of agriculture than expected. In fact, it’s estimated that agricultural robotics […]

Taking a look at Tree Canada

For the past quarter century, Tree Canada has helped communities across this country plant over 80 million trees—and increased the awareness of just how important trees are to our everyday lives