Alpaca Ontario at the Royal Winter Fair

We dropped in the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto, Ontario. And, we found these dudes. Alpacas are gentle animal with hair that makes wool on par with cashmere.   Dee Grant an alpaca farmer and alpaca hair knitter tells us about the animal’s nature, and her rare twin alpacas. Plus, alpacas!

Remembering Martha – the Last Passenger Pigeon

Martha died at the ripe old age of 29, the last in a very long string of Passenger Pigeons. She was the namesake of Martha Washington – President George Washington’s wife – who herself had suffered an earlier extinction incident in the spring of 1802.

What’s Killing Our Country Bees?

The planet’s honeybees are dying off in unprecedented numbers. But just what exactly is causing the deaths has beekeepers and farmers sifting through research and sometimes reaching contradictory conclusions.

ISON: The Exasperating Comet

We asked Robert Dick, our Astronomy Editor, for his take on Comet ISON, the bright light in the sky which seems to be exasperating night-sky watchers and failing to become “The Christmas Comet” / “Comet of the Century” that it was supposed to be.

It’s tiller time!

Rototillers are not a sexy piece of equipment. But for about two hours a year there’s nothing better for sod-busting, earth churning goodness.

Boreal Forest Facts

Spreading over continents and covering many countries including Canada, the Boreal forest plays a significant role in the planet’s biodiversity and its climate.