ISON: The Exasperating Comet

We asked Robert Dick, our Astronomy Editor, for his take on Comet ISON, the bright light in the sky which seems to be exasperating night-sky watchers and failing to become “The Christmas Comet” / “Comet of the Century” that it was supposed to be.

It’s tiller time!

Rototillers are not a sexy piece of equipment. But for about two hours a year there’s nothing better for sod-busting, earth churning goodness.

Boreal Forest Facts

Spreading over continents and covering many countries including Canada, the Boreal forest plays a significant role in the planet’s biodiversity and its climate.

Boiling the Bees

The plan was simple: Sneak into the house and boil a large kettle of water. Haul the kettle over to the Bow Club and dump it inside the wall, and the bees would be scalded to death in a matter of seconds. Simple, effective, low cost, and, we believed, possible.