Contributor: Lesley Schatz

Lesley Schatz

Lesley Schatz is an artist (BFA; ACAD, 2010) and musician with 5 CDs on Bear Family Record’s.  As well Lesley studied Cree language and later obtained a Master of Education in Land Based Learning in 2012 from the University of Saskatchewan. A mother of 4 and new Grandmother of two!, Lesley lives on her own farm with her stock guardian dog, Oki. Her other publications include an academic paper for Community Diversity, An article entitled Home is where the Hearth is for Harrowsmith and several short stories and poems for other publications. Lesley is a songwriter who has had world wide recognition and continues to have concerts as well as art shows.

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The Christmas Shrew

The morning of the blizzard was the first time we saw the shrew. My fifteen year old son was in the living room admiring the warmth of our much needed masonry heater when a very fat toy like creature bounced and zoomed through the room.