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Dispatches from a Japanese Garden – Buried Treasure

At about $1.50 for one small potato, growing your own is a must.


Eat to Your Heart’s Content at Some of Canada’s Most Romantic Spots

February 14th is almost here, and we’ve got a list of the sweetest restaurants for Valentine’s Day

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Grow What You Love, How to Make Nasturtium Capers

Just steer clear of seeds that have begun to yellow and turn brown as they’ll be tough and unpalatable

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Hand-Built Stone House Tour

Watch the last stone being laid on a hand-made house, 31 years after the project began.


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Dispatches from a Japanese Garden – The Land I Farm

I’m Canadian by birth, but this garden keeps me rooted in Japan

Dispatches from a Japanese Garden -The Youngest in the Valley

Meet Keith Adams, a Canadian amongst the graying farmers of Japan

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7 Best Wood Stoves for to Heat Your Home

We thoroughly analyzed 7 of the most reliable wood stove with top notch features available in the market, for alternatives to heating your home.

Incorporate Pantone’s Colour of the Year Throughout Your Home With These Tips

Pantone’s 2019 Colour of the Year “Living Coral” can do almost anything, proving itself to be much more than just an accent colour.

HOW-TO: Milk Paint Application First Coat

I've been using milk paint for 30 years, and this video shows how to deal with a challenge common with the first coat.

Travel & Culture

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Grant Lawrence’s Lessons from Desolation Sound

Harrowsmith chats with the author and singer-songwriter about pop punk, social survival and no Wi-Fi

Small Ponds featuring Roy McGregor

If I had to choose a place to grow up all over again, I’d go right back to the original.

Danielle French invites you to Lunch At The Farm Thursday-Sunday

Eat inside at the kitchen table or take your lunch out by the fire.


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Move over Valentine’s Day, Celebrate Chinese New Year with Homemade Dumplings

From February 5th to the 19th it’s time to fete the Year of the Pig with food, gifts, and more food. Romance is optional.

History Bites – Trying to Eat as my Scottish Ancestors did

The ancient Scottish diet wasn’t so bad, so long as you enjoy a meal of barley, mutton, blood and guts…which, luckily, I do.

Auchentoshan Bartender’s Malt Edition 02 makes a Lowlands Sunset

Tasting notes of this expression include orange wine, saffron, heather honey and black pepper and it lends itself perfectly to mixology.


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Thinking of the Environment While Taking Care of Pests: Eco-Friendly Methods and Pesticides

Why Get Rid of Pests? Eco-Friendly Pest Control Methods & Pesticides


Could we be heading toward another ice age?

A Time of Rest – Claire Dam tells us about winter on the homestead

With three hard-working seasons behind her, Ken and Claire Dam relish the cozier chores of winter on her Ontario homestead.

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