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Cordless chainsaw – you won’t believe how well this works

Battery-powered cordless tool technology keeps getting better, but better enough to cut serious firewood logs?

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International Plowman’s Match Country Fair

The Ontario Plowmen’s Association festival in September celebrates rural living with live bands, plowing competitions and more.

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Egg and Bacon Bundles

Easy to prepare and perfect for breakfast in bed.

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Summer Made Simple

Summer offers plentiful, and inspired, DIY opportunities, as Caroline Woodward shares from her home at Lennard Island Lightstation in B.C.


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Things We Love

Honda TRX500 Foreman Honda’s new TRX500 Foreman offers reduced vibration, quiet operation, a quick start and powerful output, fuel efficiency for extended range and excellent drivability and towing capacity. The ATV promises to tackle any terrain, and includes 3 drive modes: 2WD, 4WD and 4WD with locked differential to optimize traction. There’s also a Speed […]

Harrowsmith Jr. – Litchi Tomato has Amazing Flavour (and Lots of Prickles!)

Garden writer, Emma Biggs, shares her love for a tomato relative that will really grab you.

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Deep Well Hand Pump – Pump It Up!

Today, deep well hand pumps just make sense.

Chicken Coops and Curb Appeal

Consider these fun chicken coop makeover ideas

Red Wine Hot Process Soap – Some bright ideas don’t always end up quite as we expect them to.

I knew that soap could be made with milks and teas, so when I heard that wine was an option I was all excited. I am determined type but also impatient.

Travel & Culture

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Feast in the Woods and 5 More Unique Outdoor Dining Experiences

Celebrating its 25th anniversary, Eigensinn Farm is a shining example of forest dining.

I call myself a prospector too (I found two gems!)

Our editor-in-chief’s introduction to mineral exploration (and Blazing Saddles)

Outfoxed: The Decline of the Fox Farm Industry in PEI

Harrowsmith’s editor-in-chief visits Summerside’s International Fox Museum and Hall of Fame.


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Muy Delicioso! Are Tacos a staple in your house?

There's nothing like garden-fresh ingredients when it comes to biting in to your favourite tacos, which makes summer the perfect time to indulge in these scrumptiously delicious dishes.

Sea the Change

Ocean Wise chef Jason Bangerter of Langdon Hall talks good food, sustainability and why eating local just tastes better.

Stewed Sweet Twister Collards

Recipes developed by Roger Mooking for SUNSET®


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Wild About Bees

There’s more to bees, and more we can do to help them, than most of us think.

Plants to Purify Your Air

When you think of air pollution your mind likely drifts to thoughts of car exhaust and industrial smokestacks.

Wildlife Welcome

Mark and Ben Cullen on why you should welcome insects and other so-called “pests” to your garden.

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