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How to Winterize a Pressure Washer FAST

Learn how to winterize a gas powered pressure water in a few ultra-simple steps.

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DIY Fireplace Mantel

It’s that time when you want to cozy on up to the hearth and warm up by the fire.

Gardening » Vegetable Gardening

Harrowsmith Jr. – A Purple-Red-and-Black Tomato with Deep Lobes

‘Purple Calabash’ is a beautiful tomato variety with a unique, smoky flavour.


Press Release Toronto, Ontario on November 18, 2019 — Get ready to be fired up!

Harrowsmith Winter 2019/20 - On Newsstands Nov 18


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The Earth Group Aims to Change the World Through Education and Nourishment

Newly Certified B Corp Collaborates with UN World Food Programme to Help Children Around the Globe

One potato, two Potato…

Dawna Rose’s sky-side garden in Saskatoon

Harrowsmith Jr. – Emma’s Tomato Patch A Real Peach of a Velvety Tomato

‘Garden Peach’ is an heirloom tomato that looks and feels a bit like a … peach!

Home & Design

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Need a New Home Heating System?

Get the must-read furnace guide for Canadian homeowners

Window Condensation Insights

Watch Steve Maxwell show how wintertime window condensation is related to the insulation value of the glass making up the windows.

Stop Mice from Getting in Your Cottage

Fast, simple, cheap and effective, it has worked for years.

Travel & Culture

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Why We Love Ayr, Ontario

A secret map to the town’s lavender fields, firewater and Hollywood film sets.


Organizers launch tickets sales and one of the most robust programmes in fair’s history

Moose Jerky and eHarmony

Discovering love and a lot of moose recipes north of 60


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EP 7 Feeding Winter Birds and Crafting Homemade Cider

Ep 7 on Harrowsmith Radio

Tacos Two Ways

Tacos Two Ways

Harrowsmith’s line-up for all your fall-fair favourites

Sugar doughnuts, kettle corn, fudge, cider and onion rings!


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Where the Buffalo Roam – Bison in Banff National Park

How bison were reintroduced to Canada’s first national park.

Wild About Bees

There’s more to bees, and more we can do to help them, than most of us think.

Plants to Purify Your Air

When you think of air pollution your mind likely drifts to thoughts of car exhaust and industrial smokestacks.

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