Harrowsmith Gen XYZ – Emma’s Edible Yard – A Perfect Purple Sandwich Tomato

Indian Stripe’ is a purple beauty with dark-green stripes on the shoulders

I’m following up my last blog about ‘Cherokee Purple’ with another purple tomato recommendation:  ‘Indian Stripe.’ This tomato variety will be in my garden for years to come.

‘Indian Stripe’ is beautiful and delicious! The shape of this medium-sized tomato is a bit flattened.

The colour is a bit lighter than ‘Cherokee Purple.’ What really stands out is the attractive dark-green shoulders. While it is a bit smaller and later to fruit than ‘Cherokee Purple’—it’s super productive!  

In the Kitchen

With its absolutely delicious, complex, and rich flavour, I think ‘Indian Stripe’ is a great sandwich tomato. The texture is quite meaty, so in addition to slicing for sandwiches, it’s great in a salad or for making into sauce.

Indian Stripe tomato
‘Indian Stripe’ has attractive dark-green shoulders.

Grow Your Own

‘Indian Stripe’ is indeterminate, so I recommend training it. It is ready to pick mid-season.

I got the seeds last winter at a seed swap. They were one of the treasures I picked up at the swap table when I dropped off seeds I was swapping.

Find ‘Indian Stripe’ seeds at Victory Seeds [] and Tomatofest [].

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