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Harrowsmith Jr. – Emma’s Tomato Patch A Real Peach of a Velvety Tomato

‘Garden Peach’ is an heirloom tomato that looks and feels a bit like a … peach!


The name says it all about this tomato: delicious, fuzzy, and pretty, just like the orchard-fresh peaches we all love.


Feels like a Peach

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of a peach is the fuzz. When I think of a tomato, I think of smooth, waxy skin. But just like a peach, the ‘Garden Peach’ tomato is fuzzy! This tomato feels like velvet!


Looks like a Peach

It not only feels like a peach, but looks like one too, with a thin yellow skin that has a pink blush when ripe. The inside of this beautiful tomato is yellow with a tiny bit of red. The size is a bit smaller than a peach, usually 55-110 grams. The flavour is deliciously mild, sweet, and fruity. It is very juicy, just like a good peach.

‘Garden Peach’ tomato is smaller than a peach. (Emma Biggs)


There is more than good looks and flavour, though. It is a great choice for anyone who is looking for a tomato variety that produces lots of fruit. The fruit matures mid-season, at about 75 days.


Grow Your Own

The indeterminate vines of ‘Garden Peach’ are vigorous, so I recommend staking or trellising the plants—or growing them in cages.

Make sure that this neat tomato variety is on your list of tomato seeds to grow next year. You probably won’t find plants of ‘Garden Peach’ at a garden centre, so you will want to get seed to grow your own. In Canada, you can find seeds at Urban Harvest [] and Annapolis Seeds [].

The thin, yellow skin has a pink blush when ripe. (Emma Biggs)

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