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How to Make Rock and Concrete Geode Orb Planters

I first dreamed up my concrete geodes over a year ago. ‘Funny how I now stumble upon so many copies on the ‘net

Thankfully some ideas are still safe in my brain have not yet been imitated. An artist can draw inspiration from the strangest places (trust me) so it’s no surprise that the ‘Orbs’, the ‘Geodes’ and the planters have united to become awesome Rock and Concrete Geode Orb Planters.


Finding suitable glass as crystals for these geodes can be challenging. I have made my own or also used broken tempered glass.




I would love to find a huge geode or agate in nature but my chances for that are quite slim; so I make my Rock and Concrete Geodes as natural as I can!

Plan the placement and colours of the ‘crystals’ to mimic nature. Try to be a bit more random than perfectly planned.


I use the glue gun to slightly ‘tack’ the pieces in place until they can be more permanently attached.

The small gaps can be filled with smaller pieces. There are really no rules other than taking inspiration form nature.


Mixing some colours of similar tones and colour family will look more natural than bright colours of opposite direction. I hate seeing geode fakes that use a whole rainbow of colour as it looks very cheap and manmade. Be subtle with the combinations of colour.

Work your way around the concrete orb, maintain the shape and curvature of the orb.

The Permanent Adhesive:

Once you have it as you like, mix some 2 part (5-minute) epoxy and let it run between the pieces. It is a strong adhesive and will set very quickly. I work small batches at a time, mixing on scrap cardboard with the stir sticks.

Epoxy becomes very hard and strong and sets clear. Perfect! It will be hard to see where it is so work one section at a time and not have it run too far.


Being an artist, I tend to never leave “well enough alone”. I always seem to enjoy adding some embellishment but it’s an option. Layers of stone and rock are quite easy to add with acrylic paint, ‘just a bunch of squiggly lines in metallic or earth tones


The Planting:

Since concrete is quite alkaline it is recommended to soak in buckets of water to leach it out prior to planting



The small holes in the rocks will provide drainage but if there are large voids a landscape fabric will keep the soil from seeping out and using a good potting soil will sustain the plantings.


Use small plant matter that you have plenty of as well as moss.


Enjoy your Rock and Concrete Geode Orb Planters:

The other awesome thing about orbs is that they can sit however you like. There is no flat bottom, so you can sit them sideways if you so desire since the moss will keep everything in place. A couple little pebbles will keep it from rolling. Moss likes to have a damp and less sunny environment so I keep these under the trees.


Orbs in the garden are the best thing as these simple shapes compliment the intricate plant matter so nicely! The sparkle and bling can be unexpected while the concrete and rock ensure that they will last ‘forever’.

Another ingenious idea; wedding center pieces! How unexpected and happily economical. These would also be great additions to the popular geode cakes.


In a small space imagine a few filled orbs set in a pile; it makes an instant rock garden. How perfect for a porch or balcony.


Instead of terrariums, under a glass dome makes anything seem precious, especially crystals. This was a little easier than building a waterfall.


Enjoy your Rock and Concrete Geode Orb Planters however you like to use them and be proud that you have something unique that you made yourself!

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