Harrowsmith Spring 2019 arrives March 4

We’re spring loaded!In 2019, Harrowsmith is introducing a grounded focus for our four issues—the elements.

Toronto, Ontario on March 4, 2019—


We’re spring loaded!

In 2019, Harrowsmith is introducing a grounded focus for our four issues—the elements. Our spring edition revolves around the earth, summer will be water-based, fall will take wings to the air and winter will be fueled by fire. In western culture, these four elements are deemed to be essential to life. Our 2019 editions will explore each element—and if we may be so bold—it will make for essential reading!

Whether your interests are niche or run amok from the garden to the galley, we hope our spring issue inspires. For the garden junkies, Mark and Ben Cullen dig deep with an informative composting tutorial and tip toe through the tulips. The Cullens’ take us behind-the-scenes of the historical and joy-boosting Canadian Tulip Festival in Ottawa. Steve Maxwell, our Home and Property Editor, shares a fool-proof primer on exterior wood finishes and concise plans for a DIY garden pergola.

In the 1989 film Field of Dreams, it was suggested, “if you build it, they will come,” so we have you covered in that department too! Danielle French, founder and owner of South Pond Farms in Pontypool, Ontario, has designed a resplendent menu that can serve as a blueprint for hosting your very own spring full moon feast.

What else? We’re glad you asked:

  • Sit down for a cup of virtual coffee with vivacious musician Allyson Reigh of Rosie & the Riveters. Hear all about her first date hacks, why you need to visit the perogie drive-thru and Oprah’s connection to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
  • Find out why you should put Manitoba on your radar this year with our comprehensive guide to all the peculiar and intriguing bits of the province from dill pickle vodka shots to flapper pie to Gimli’s Icelandic Festival.
  • Learn about the connection between Lyme disease and climate change.
  • Find out how to start a successful community garden in your own hood.
  • Jump from one coast to another in a matter of pages: Read about BC’s affection for hop-based beers and then pull up a chair to PEI’s famed Burger Love festival.

As always, flip to the back of our magazine for Dan Needles reliably nostalgic yarns, “True Confessions from the Ninth Concession.”

Our staples–Things We Love, A Cup of Coffee With a Local and Bookshelf are all designed to help you keep tabs on notable Canadians and what’s trending from sustainable products to must-have books.

We hope that our earth issue grounds you in more ways than one.

“Each issue of Harrowsmith reinforces the enormous change that can result from a like-minded community. Our writers and readers are interconnected—it’s our motivation to keep doing what we do, bigger and better each edition,” says Publisher Yolanda Thornton.


“The biggest perk of being the Editor-in-Chief at Harrowsmith magazine is having the opportunity to curate ever-evolving content. My ‘job’ is to network with ambitious chefs, devout farmers, tiny towns ambassadors, talented makers, storytellers, urban romantics, coffee shop owners, beekeepers, solar winemakers—all the remarkable Canadians who make this country the envy of all others.”

–Jules Torti, Editor-in-Chief



Harrowsmith is the only publication of its kind that can honestly dub itself “Made in Canada.” We are 100% Canadiana. In fact, if you open the magazine and inhale really deeply, you can actually smell maple syrup. Harrowsmith is produced four times a year with three print issues (spring, fall, winter—also available in digital), and a summer digital-exclusive edition.

MEDIA INTERVIEWS: Publisher Yolanda Thornton, Editor-in-Chief Jules Torti, Gardening Editors Mark and Ben Cullen, Food Editor Signe Langford, Home and Property Editor Steve Maxwell, are available now for media interviews. We can provide additional copies for prize giveaways to your readers or listeners.

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