Heal The Soil

Heal The Soil

This video is a short interview with Paul Noble an organic dairy farmer, near Arthur Ontario ~ Heal the Soil.

This video is a short interview with Paul Noble an organic dairy farmer, near Arthur Ontario ~ Heal the Soil, read more in the article in the Harrowsmith, Spring 2019 Magazine.

Video Transcript

Paul Noble: So the problem being with chemicals is if it kills a weed or it kills a bug it also kills the life in the soil. Not only that, we in the end, being on the top of the food, chain ingest it ourselves. Just look around at all of the sickness we have and that’s where our real problem is. Every time we work the soil we get rid of the humans out of the soil – and houmous is the life of the organic farmer. You must have humans in his soil to give us transfer of nutrients because it’s really just a transfer of nutrients.

Come to think of chemicals a droplet from a sprayer will travel ten miles and the mist from a sprayer will travel around the world, completely around the world. So, in fact, there is nothing that is truly organic because the rain falls on all of us and that’s what we have to understand.

So we just do the best we can but we can’t live put our farms in a bubble so we do the best we can and the more we develop – and this has been my experience – the more we develop our soil the more it is able to overcome that so-called overspray and that’s what I don’t think we’ll call it as overspray from from the conventional farms around us. It’s able to overcome it and still produce good wholesome nutritious food because that’s what this is about.

If you sprayed glyphosate today it would tie up the minerals for anywhere from 12 to 29 years. That is a long time and so you’re going to if you’re just starting out as an organic farmer you are going to have to fight that so you have to supplement those minerals until you get rid of all of that glyphosate in there that will that is keeping your minerals tied up. It’s going to be a challenge to try and get the nutrition back into our food stuffs because most of them the foodstuffs are badly depleted from what they were a hundred years ago.

And all you got to do is look at the population we talk everywhere of the obesity especially in North America and that’s because the people are starving with full stomachs and and so they’re continuing to consume. If they were could get nutritious food I am sure they would shove back from the table much quicker than they do today. We are playing God and we’ve gone so far away from nature that to get back there is in my estimation the biggest challenge of the future.

If we don’t do something now there’s some people saying that we will have a catastrophe not too far down the road I think it’s already here we just don’t see it yet because we haven’t looked at all of the sicknesses. We’re seeing children with their grandparents diseases. There’s a problem with I mean if we look at the whole picture we can see that we cannot continue down this road very much further and everybody says well I’m only one person I don’t make any difference here’s the important thing… never never underestimate the power one.

Andrew Kohl
Andrew Kohl

Andrew spent his early years focused on teaching theology, myth and spirituality. As an artist, writer and producer of short films, and corporate communications, his passion is researching quantum healing technologies. His activism includes spiritual abuse survivors, First Nations and the chronically ill, and he now teaches workshops on surviving cancer.


Posted on Wednesday, March 6th, 2019
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