Sylvie & Frannie Planning Seeds of Change

Sylvie Stojanovski

THE CREATOR - Award-Winning Multidisciplinary Artist, Scarborough, ON

Mission: Empowering change through eco-conscious art

The What: Stojanovski founded Artists 4 Sustainability (currently on hiatus), a youth-led working group that empowers emerging artists to work with natural materials and use art as a means to address urgent environmental and social justice issues. As a co-founder of the Scarbrite Collective, the award-winning multidisciplinary artist advocates for art as a catalyst for community-building and meaningful conversations. “I work at the intersection of art, business and environmentalism to realize sustainable futures where people feel empowered to be themselves and live in reciprocity with the natural world.”

The Impact:  Since 2016, Stojanovski has designed and delivered over 20 different  “art-ivations” — interactive art installations and workshops in the greater Toronto area and abroad that invite people to see the earth as an extension of themselves. To date, the Scarbright team has brought a sense of hope, colour and positivity to over 1000 Scarborough residents through programs like Scarborough HERstory Expressions (SHE), ChalkforChange, and Makers in Motion.

Outside of Artists 4 Sustainability and Scarbrite, Stojanovski runs a community fence mural project called Planting Seeds of Change that invites folks of all ages to imagine futures beyond the climate crisis and centre sustainability, nature, and community.

A View from the Top: Recently named one of Canada’s top 25 under 25 environmentalists by The Starfish Canada and a Rising Star in community arts leadership by Dancing Damsels Inc.

Fun Fact: Stojanovski is currently reading, “The Greater Good: Social Entrepreneurship for Everyday People Who Want to Change the World,” by Madeleine Shaw

Sound Advice: “I’m not trying to save the world single-handedly or by choice. I am involved in climate action work out of necessity: If the world was a safe, equitable and just place for all, I imagine that I would continue to work as a community artist–leading creative experiences that promote radical connection, reflection and healing.”

What’s Next? Stojanovski would like to see a shift towards adopting circular models of production and consumption across all sectors, considering material use and longevity at every stage of the creative process. “My work at the intersection of art, business and environmentalism is ongoing. Moving forward, I plan to continue to explore how to foster human-nature connectedness through community art-making.”

The Call To Action: “Read a lot. Make a lot. Share a lot. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, or showing up ‘imperfectly.’ It’s better to show up just where you are, as you are, than not to show up at all. Just go for it. Use your creativity and storytelling abilities to make an impact. Your voice matters. Your work is necessary. The world needs what YOU have to offer.”

QUOTE: “My artworks are portals of possibility.”

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Karine Ewart
Karine Ewart

Having had the privilege of being at the helm of numerous national magazines, including Chatelaine and Today’s Parent, Karine is passionate about content and building strong communities. Her 30+years working in the magazine industry in Canada and the U.S. have allowed her to develop an editorial vision that focuses on exceptional story-telling, dynamic media packages, successful brand partnerships and robust digital strategies, all with the audience’s wants and needs top of mind. Karine enjoys collaborating with her team, clients and members of the community, so please do not hesitate to reach out to her.

Posted on Wednesday, June 21st, 2023

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