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Floral Artists and Flower Show Competitors did not disappoint. Here are a few pics from last year's festival.

The theme for Canada Blooms 2020 was Birds of a Feather and our Garden Builders, Floral Artists and Flower Show Competitors did not disappoint. Here are a few pics from last year’s festival.

Garden: City of Toronto, Photo: Landscape Ontario

Bienestock Natural Playgrounds, Photo: Sonya Dittkrist


City of Toronto, Photo: Sonya Dittkrist


Preshow building, Photo: David Ohashi


J Garfield Thompson (Mark’s Potting Shed – for Mark Cullen), photo: David Ohashi

Floral Alley Entry, Rada Ristich & Brad Higginson of Alma Florist, photo: David Ohashi

Toronto Flower Show set up and entries, photo: David Ohashi

Floral Alley Entry, Jozel Yumul, photo: David Ohashi

Floral Display, Bruno Duarte, photo: David Ohashi


Garden Green Art Landscape Design, photo: Sonya Dittkrist

Childrens entries, Toronto Flower Show, photo: Sonya Dittkrist


Canada Blooms is an annual world-class festival that connects people to the joys and benefits of nature through experiences with gardens and flowers, by promoting, educating, inspiring and celebrating all aspects of horticulture.

Canada Blooms creates inspiring and engaging fantasy feature gardens that bring people back to the festival year after year.

Some of the world’s top designers, architects and garden builders compete to win coveted awards at the festival.

The Toronto Flower Show at Canada Blooms brings the finest amateur floral designers together for horticultural and design competitions and display.
Led by the Garden Club of Toronto, the Toronto Flower Show is a signature of the festival and can’t be missed.

Floral Alley, the professional floral artists showcase, highlights the best of the best in floral designers from Ontario.

Canada Blooms is a verdant venue for events and offers education opportunities led by the leading gardening experts. Click below for more information:

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