Jennifer Jones’s Tour of East St. Paul, Winnipeg

Jennifer Jones is one of Canada's most celebrated curling athletes, winning a gold medal for Canada at the Sochi winter Olympics.

Your name: Jennifer Jones

Home (or adopted) town: East St. Paul, now part of Winnipeg

Population (if you know it): 9,000

Years in residence: 32

Where do you live now? Winnipeg, Manitoba

Local school attended: General Vanier Elementary School and Windsor Park Collegiate

Class of 19- – ? : 1991

Your pastimes there: curling, baseball and the cottage

Best French fries: Dairy Whip

Favourite nature walk: St. Vital Park

Favourite sports team: Winnipeg Jets and Team Jennifer Jones curling!

Best swimming hole: Granite Lake

Favourite Rink: St. Vital Curling Club

Nicest road for a hike/bike/drive: Can’t beat St. Vital Park

What part of this place do you wish you could bring with you on the road? My family and all the great restaurants.

Last time you were home? Still live there.

How has this place contributed to your career?  Curling is a staple in Winnipeg!

Why do/did you like living there? Or, what do you like about this small town compared to the other places you have lived?    It’s home and there is no place like home!

What else do you want people to know about this place?  We have the best restaurants in the world!

Jennifer is one of Canadian curling’s most decorated and recognizable athletes.   At the 2014 Sochi Olympics, she skipped the  Canadian Women’s team, winning gold for Canada.   She is the first female skip to go through the Games undefeated.  Jennifer is also a four time Canadian Women’s Curling Champion, the 2008 World Women’s Curling Champion, and the 2010 World Women’s bronze medalist.   Provincially, she has won the Manitoba curling championship ten times.   During the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, she joined the media bench as a reporter for Yahoo! Sports.

Jennifer is a graduate of the University of Manitoba where she completed her Bachelor of Laws Degree in 1999.   She was awarded the Order of Manitoba in 2014, but her biggest accomplishment however is her daughter Isabella.

She is a natural leader and her aggressive strategy has changed the face of women’s curling. Regarded as one of the best pressure players to ever compete in curling, she is best known for making “The Shot” – an extremely difficult “in-off” shot to win her first national championship. “The Shot” is labelled by many sports commentators to be the greatest shot to win a curling championship.

The Harrowsmith Team
The Harrowsmith Team

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